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Monday, August 8, 2011

Our baby is 4!!

These 3 are such good buddies!
My beautiful boy!

Too cute!
Cutie pies

Wow does time fly by! Some of you have been following me prior to the birth of our son, Julian. We have been so blessed to have this wonderful, beautiful, bright, funny and creative child into our life. This year we had a wonderful started at 3 and ended at 9pm! It was a very long day filled with so much fun and family! I think this was one of the best parties we have ever had. Our families were here, our best friends and lots and lots of children! My house was full of children, which is what I have always wanted! Katie and Pat were here with their 3, Melissa and her 3 were here, Julian cousins, and school friends...we had a few surprises and lots of laughs. We couldn't have asked for more. All the people who mean the most to us and who have been there for us all while we were waiting and after have shared in the joy of julian. Julian has 3 girlfriends but his best girl is Brenna...he just loves and adores here and she is just so cute. All the children got along fights, a few tears and laugher abounded out back yard.
On another note...I am down a total of 89 lbs! Holy cow!!! How exciting!!! I feel so much better...I look better and know that I have more to go, but I am not stopping...I would love to lose another 75lbs!! But the final trick is to keep it off! My very close girlfriedns are all it helps to be around them...they eat healthy and make good food choices and are wonderful support! Couldn't have done it with out them!!!


danielle @ take heart said...

your blog is such a blessing to me! thank you for sharing your story and your heart!

OHN said...

I have been out of the loop for a long time, then I come back in, and J is 4!!! WOW.

I am going to pop back later and get caught up :-)