My daily prayer...

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The things kids say...

So, the worst words we say in our house is Damn it...I know...shame on us! Well while Jeff was doing the turkey, something fell out of the oven and he said "DAMN IT!" Julian happen to be standing right there and he repeated it...I told Julian that it was a bad word and that he could say DARN IT if he fast forward to Thanksgiving night...he was playing in one of his toy boxes and it fell and this is how it went down...

Julian: DAMN IT MOMMY...

Mommy: Julian, did you just say DARN IT?

Julian: No, I said DAMN IT!

Well we almost fell out of our chairs laughing, but had to hide it. SO the next day, all he was saying was DARN IT, DARN IT, DARN IT...Now, I told him...say OH MAN instead! LOL

Monday, November 29, 2010

Becoming a passion of mine...

Outside on a chilly fall afternoon...I love this picture of him!
This is his pre school handsome! He is growing up so fast!

I made this wreath for $7.00! I had the wreath already and wanted to do a different look! We won best wreath for the fall in our Village, So I hope we win for the Holiday decorating too!

Every year I try to do something different...this year is a child theme mantel...since this is where we spend most of our time why not! It turned out really sweet and I am glad I thought of it...I have to tweek it a bit but for now this is it!

I am loving decorating my new home...well it isn't new, but since we have changed the rooms around it feels new to me! I so love my family room and so does the rest of the family!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How are you? Whole lot of changes here!

Our new Fantastic room

Our Library...I love to sit in here and just read! I am reading The Help right now! Love this room!

This is on my mantel in my Fantastic room....I so love it!!!

So, how are things with you? With facebook, it seems I don't blog that much...but I try my best! So things have been great here at our house! Julian is doing great at school! His speech is coming along so nice! Praise God for that! Jeff is doing great too! Work is work for him...I lost my job at WFHM...but all is good! God has a plan and for now I am a stay at home mom while looking for a job...not much out there...but He will provide! We are all healthy here. I have been having a problem with my left hip that has been inpairing me from working out...thus the weight loss has come to a hault! So I went to the Dr. today and it is bursitis...poking around finding the spot was the most painful I am feeling we will see if that correct the situation.
I have uploaded some pictures of the changes we have made some changes with the house to make it more livable with a 3 year old and his friends! Thanks to my mom and Jeff for helping me out! We are working on the window treatments and then all should be done! It has been fun!
We are going away on our annual wine seems like it is just going to be us and our best friends Katie and Patrick...every year it seems like we gain people and lose people...This year we are doing it in October...normally it is in November, so that kind of made it difficult for the others to attened. So it should be a great weekend anyway. It will be nice to reconnect with Jeff and our BFF's. So life is good...I hope everything is well with you and yours! Comments are always welcomed!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pre School time!

Off to school with Bob!
Daddy and Julian

At a party over the weekend!

I have to say that is picture on top is one of my all time favorites!!! How about you? Doesn't Julian look fabulous? ( the one with me on the top of the page)

Well it is that time of year again! My favorite time of year! Life has never been better for our family and once again we are incredibly blessed! Julian started a wonderful pre school and he has the best teacher we could ask for...another adoptive mother! How amazing is that! I knew I liked her from our first meeting...God plays a part in our lives and it is only when you are looking do you see Him!

We are redoing Julian's bedroom to a big boy bedroom. It is bitter sweet for me, but I am excited to see this journey begin! I can't say how much I love being the mother of an only child. Actually just being a mother is exciting enough for me! One or two...which ever he has in store for us...we are ready!

As you may know, I was laid off from my job at Wells Fargo. I guess it is the sign of the times! We will see what door opens for me. My stress level, health, and just over all life is so different. I didn't really realize how CONSUMING my job really was. My cell phone is quite, I am not on the computer but for night time. All my time is dedicated to Julian and Jeffrey...

I will be setting up a new blog, more faith based. So I will let you know when I make my first post there. Julian is in Pre School 3 days a week, so we will see what I will do with my time! Keeping you all posted!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

Just Chillin!
Julian with Kena...she is a sweet heart!

Picking a couple of BOB's for us!

Waiting for the music to begin at KVIS

Wow...3 years has gone by in a flash! Julian starts per school in September, so I have taken the week off from work to spend time with him. He is just amazing! He is counting and spelling on a 5 year old level! We had him tested for his speech to continue services with the school district...personally I don't think he needs it and neither do the 3 testers that were praise god for that. It was like a light switch went off...he is talking so clear and he is so smart and funny! We have had a great summer...he is my little buddy and can't imagen my life without him!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh what shall I do?...

So I have been told by many that I should become a professional blogger...You know I love to blog, life has been so crazy that I haven't found the time to do so. My dear friend Dorothy thinks the stories I tell are so funny and yesterday she told me again that I should think about doing this. But what would my over all topic be?
****Being a working mother...the trails and tribulations
****being a daughter of a mother who is an only child and how I have to help with my pain the butt grandmother? On that topic, we say that the only reason why Julian is so in love with her, is because he doesn't know any better...YET! Lol I have never seen my grandmother this happy in her life. Of course I haven't been around her all my life...we started seeing her more when I was around 15, when she had her heart attack and we had to move her closer to us and she came to work for my mother at our real estate office.
****Being the mother of an only child and my desires to have another...on some days and others I am glad he is an only child?
****OR how it is a man's world out there in the business field?

So let me know what you think...I would love to know your thoughts on this. I plan on doing this I hope on a daily basis...Maybe I will talk about toddler hood and life lesson of mine. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Monday, April 26, 2010

This and that...

Photo of the week...
He was 18 months here...gosh how time flyes! I loved when he could wear the footed PJ's now, he just leaks as we progress witht he potty training maybe we can work our way back to those!
Well just when you think a phase is long sneeks back up and slaps you across the face! Yes that is what my little cutie pie did to me today! Well, needless to say it caught me off guard...kinda like a sucker punch! So what do you do? Slap him back...that does not make much sense does what is a mom to do...looking for input with that...also, if you have a child who knows you don't have the strength to lift him and put him in a time out...what do you do? I begin to lose my patience and then just let him win...which we all know will for sure bite me in the butt down the line! He NEVER acts up at school or at church, so I am wondering why he does it to me...suggestions and feed back is apprecaited! As always...sending you hugs and blessings!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My brothers wedding...

Me and my mom
Me and Gram

Julian with his new cousin's

My brother and his bride

Well the wedding was great! The pictures are small, but I will reload them later...just wanted to post them.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Picture of the week!

If I could turn back the hands of time...I would! I so would in a heart beat! I can remember this day like it was was a day in June and it was warm outside of the water but when you were wet you were cold! He was sitting on his Papa's lap...I think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of him. He was 8 months I know after experiencing this age, it was like no is one of my most favorite ages...I really think I took for granted when people say "they grow up so fast" Man do they ever! Now I have an Octopus on my hands...I swear he has 8 hands...and they are grabbing everything! Maybe it is because I restricted him too much, or it is just his age...
He is talking so much! Today he said "turn on blue!" 3 words! What a delight! He has been signing for so long, it has become a habit for us all...I have to remind myself to tell him to use his words...sometimes I tell him what to say so he repeats it...but it is very exciting!
My brother is getting married on Friday. Finally...married at 40! Who would have thought! It is a blessing that is for sure! His bride to be has 2 children, a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 8 days older then Julian. So we are looking forward to having these little blessings around! I am glad for Julian, he will have cousin he is close to...not just in age, but in visiting as well.
I will post again this week...keep an eye out! I am trying my best to post! If you are reading this, please leave a message...I know who you are lurking out there...stop by and say hi!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Changing step at a time...

I have come to realize that when you have a bad back everything can be a challenge...but Carrying extra weight can make it over the last 14 months I have lost over 65 lbs. I haven't really told many people, because I am doing it for me...not for my husband, not for Julian, not for the attention...but for ME. I Will be 39 in June and I have a goal of where I would like to be by is obtainable...and I am losing it slow, so it should stay off. This year I have made it a point to conquering my fears. I don't like to travel, so I went away on business and did just fine. Taking Julian places for me is always fearful...not sure how things are going to go with my back and such...i have been taking him more places by myself. My next fear I am working on is read aloud to people. My brother is getting married on the 16th and asked me to do a reading at his first I was going to say no becasue of my fear...but I said yes! I will keep you posted on how it goes. I guess we all have fear some have more then others...I have now I putting my faith back into God and having HIM help me along the way! Life is good in so many ways...just taking it one day at a time!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photo of the week!

PHOTO OF THE WEEK...THIS WAS WHEN HE WAS 8 MONTHS OLD...Hard to believe he is now 32 months old. Wow time does fly by...we have been having fun the entire way! I am going to try to do this every week!
For us...this week he has put 3 words together...Mama and Daddy...3 words! I am teaching him to say I LOVE YOU...If you ever had a child with a speech delay every word matters to is the sweetest sounds to a mothers ears! He is so bright...he is just dieing to talk...he babbles all day...points and says things that I don't understand, so it is frustrating for all...but he has come so far in just one month post surgery! I don't regret having the surgery...I do regret it took so long to have it done and that no one was listening to me...until our wonderful ENT came along! God has given us many blessings...Julian is our most precious one!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

My little artist! We try to craft day every day I am home with him. I thought I would break out the was fun! I am sure this is going to be an on going craft! He loves to paint and color!
Uncle Damon with my little pouty baby! LOL

Julian and Nana and Papa...he just loves them! And they love him too!

Grammy with Julian

Nana and he sweetie!

Well we had a wonderful day...we are constantly reminded how blessed we really are with our son Julian. He is just an amazing child! His speech is coming along so nice, and saying 2 and 3 word sentances is very exciting to see how excited he is when he says things and we get it!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello again!

I know, I has been along time since my last post! So much is going on, and as you all know, I am a working mother, along with being a wife, daughter and grand-daughter...I am so busy some days, I can't even see straight! As you also know, Julian has been having speech delay and for months, I mean months, I have been taking to his doctor, along with our speech therapist about this...mostly him being tongue tied...I knew this little girl along time ago who had this and once they snipped the little piece of skin under her tongue, her speech took off. Everyone said that wasn't it...that he is just delayed. Mother's do know best! I finally took him to a wonderful ENT and the first thing out of his mouth was "He is tongue tied!" So we did tubes in the ears and released the skin. He isn't talking up a storm yet, but it is coming along great! He is babbling more and is talking we will see how this goes! Keep your fingers crossed!

So I am starting a little home...I love to knit...I knit scarves all the I am going to sell them now. I have a website that I am getting up and running and will post the address soon. I also will be making tooth fairy boxes for little boys and little girls...deco pageing...I am also doing keepsake boxes as well. I thought it would be wonderful to have a box that we could put out little ones things, like the wrist band from when they come home to us and other wonderful things. Keep an eye out for that as well!

Friday, January 29, 2010

It's been a while!

He loves to play with play dough!
This is his "say cheese" face!

Those brown eyes kill me every time!

Best friend! What is a best friend? Someone who is ALWAYS there for you, even when they are busy and have life going on. I am so thankful to have Katie in my life! She has been the best friend that has ALWAYS been there for me. With 3 beautiful children of her own, she does so much for everyone...Love you Katie! I could have gotten this far without your friendship!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted...we have been very busy with life in general! Julian is doing great! We have had a few set backs with illness's, but everything else is going great! He loves school and I am so glad for that! He is very bright and learns new things very quickly! We are going to get his ears checked for tubes...since he has been in school, he has had many ear I am taking him to one of the best in the area to see what we can do!