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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Out with friends...

Starting out our day, reading the map, figuring out where to go first!
Polar Bears!!!

Julian the ham sneaking in the picture a pose!

On the boat

Love this tiger this tiger stood up on his back legs leaned up against the glass...Cyndi and I tried to take a picture, Cyndi's phone was full and I couldn't get my camera out in this was the second time around...

Rain forest...Julian and David running on the bridge

The crew...Julian is in the middle!

Playing with his friends
Doesn't it look like they are on a motorcycle? Julian and that darn sippy cup! How cute would that photo have been...Nat is smiling so proud to be with her buddy!
Today we went out with friends to the Zoo...I must admit...this was the first time that Julian had been there...yes at 3.5 yrs old...the first time! He loved it! Not only did he love it there, he loves his friends! We had such a great day...we walked in with our friends Cyndi and Trey and then later met up with all the other mom's in total there were 5 families...I love to set up play dates...LOVE IT! This was one of them that I the beginning I thought...oh was cold...the sun was out...but it was cold...but as we continued on with our began to warm up and turned out to be an amazing day at the ZOO!
So our day wasn't is what happened...
1: Julian fell once in the beginning
2: Cyndi pointed out that a bird POOPED on my jacket!
3:Julian fell again...and really got dirty this time
4: Julian fell off a bench and hit his head on the radiator
5:I dropped my phone in the toilet...ICK...GROSS...YUCK!!!
6: Julian was talking to Trey and walked into a pole!
So, we left the zoo with no serious injuries...just bruised egos...for mom of course! I will say I really enjoy setting up these play dates...I love to see Julian's face when everyone shows up...I hope one day he will know I did it all for HIM!
We walked for over 3 hours...on my feet...never sat could I? So tonight I am sore, and yes, out of shape...but slowly trying to get back into shape without hurting we did a ton of walking and I have an appointment to see my PT tomorrow...I feel over all pretty hamstring is very tight in my left leg, so I will be doing more stretches before I go to bed!
I know I am so bless to have wonderful parents...tonight we went to their house with Gram for St. Patrick's day was very nice...and then my mother Julian spending the night? And so, we came home childless! So tomorrow, I will be able to clean my house, do my laundry and listen to talk radio all by myself! Ahhhhh thanks mom and dad!!! Love you tons!
Sending you all many hugs and blessings!

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