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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday mayhem!

SO today...all I wanted to do was clean my bathrooms...and all I kept hearing was "are you done yet mommy?" which normally melts my heart, but today it got on my nerves! I never complain about Julian because he is a true gem, but for some reason and I think it was more me then him, I was at wits end! Daddy couldn't get home fast enough and then when he walked in the door he told me he had a terrible cold and as was sicker then a dog...I was about to pound my head against the wall! As mom's I know we ALL have days like this...So what did I do? I put on my IPOD and listened to all my Christan Music...always makes me feel better!
So Julian spent 4 times in his bedroom and finally I asked him why he wasn't listening to me...he told me "because he left his ears at school!" So what is a mom to do? Well, THIS mom called his teacher (not really) and asked her to fax them to Papa...then Papa called and sent them over through the phone and I put them back on him! It worked! So for some reason, when things get a little crazy around here, I give him a bath...he will sit in the tub for hours if I let him...he loves it and I am able to fold laundry and put it away, clean the bath room and sometimes even sneak in a shower the same bathroom. We talk and sing the entire time...she loves to sing no better place then in the tub!
I would have loved to put him in the yard to play today,but it was very cold out...the sun was shining all day...which I loved but it showed how dirty my windows are! Thank God for those new windows..very easy to I think Monday...providing it doesn't snow...the windows will be washed!
Tomorrow we are skipping church and going out for breakfast and then to the pet store...We need to buy Eugene a harness and a muzzle...and we are going to get Julian a is going to be a SUPRISE...that is what he calls it! He has been doing so well on the potty, that I am going to have him pick everything out...He is going to be so excited! So I will let you know what he names it and what we get! Then we are going to Nana and Papa's house while daddy does his baseball thing...should be a very nice day! Fingers Crossed!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Stop back always...sending you many Hugs and Blessings!!
Oh yeah...I have been waking up PAIN FREE since I bough and wear my new inserts for my sneakers...I have a very high arch and have been having problems with the left side of my body...foot, hip and back pain...I think I am in love! If you are interested in hearing more Please post a comment I will tell more about ! Love you all!

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