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Saturday, March 12, 2011

OK Come on now!

Ok my need to leave me a comment or two...I love to blog...I love to hear what people think of my blogging...what do you want to hear more about? Please tell me...leave me a comment...My PT Dorothy who I love and adore and has worked so hard with me, always told me that I should here I am blogging once again...

Yesterday, I was looking at old videos on my Face book page, and I was shocked to see the progression of Julian's speech! I kept telling his Dr. and the old speech teacher that he was tongue tied and he kept getting ear infections...I swear they must have thought I was nuts! Crazy mom here she comes again! But I knew in my heart of hearts that there was a problem. We went to a ENT the one who worked on Jeff and the minute Julian opened his mouth...he said..."oh and he is tongue tied!" I looked at Jeff and he looked at me...and I said..."I AM NOT CRAZY!" It is absolutely amazing! Just from a year ago...he had his surgery on 3/3/10 and where he is today is amazing! I had a girlfriend years ago, who has a little girl who was tongue tied, and had surgery on it, plus I think tubes just like Julian, so I knew that this speech delay HAD to be that...from the time he was 15 months he was in Early intervention...we had a ST who was very nice, but just was not working out for Julian and she got right after his surgery she went on leave and we got a new teacher...whom we LOVE and adore! Well, between switching her and myself and the family really working with him from what we are told it looks like his speech teaching through the district is going to end in is bitter sweet for me. One because I love his teacher and two because he has progressed so well!

Now he knows his phone number and his address...I am not just saying this...but this child of mine is VERY smart. The things he retains and learns is amazing. I know children in kindergarten who don't know this stuff.

So here is a pet peeve of mine...and it seems to be on Face book mostly...Maybe it is because it took us so long to be parents...but please people...STOP complaining about your children. i don't care if your children are adopted or doesn't sound right...and to people who can't have children it drives them crazy...and if you know me well enough...I am standing on the hill all by myself saying this because no one else will! Don't get me wrong...I have posted things like..."is it bed time yet" or something of that nature...but if your child is sick, or you are at a function with your child and you are bored...please keep it to your self...sometimes it is better to know your audience...(I stole that from my Friend Marybeth!) She always says that! SO that is my rant for the day...I will post something please check back and leave a comment!!! Or just check off one of the boxes at that bottom of my post! Thank you and sending many hugs and blessings!

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