My daily prayer...

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to me...

Doesnt he look like he is 4!!!
I love this picture! I only wish he was looking at the camera! Oh well!
This was from this morning! Don't look in the background...there are boxes of clothes waiting to go into the attic for him when he is 24 months! Thanks Gabe! is my birthday...but there will be no crying today! For I have the best gift I could ever son! I was thinking this morning while I was giving him his bottle...what a wonderful day this is for me. I am spending the entire day with him! He is just amazing! We had my parents over for dinner on Saturday night, and on Sunday we went to Lewiston...Tom Tower's is OPEN! and Lewiston had their garden walk, we then went to the Silo for lunch, came home, we all took a long nap and the rest of the day was great!

I also wanted to post a big Thank you to my friend Gabe! She gave us 6 huge black garbage bags full of boy clothes! She is the same friend who gave us all those clothes 2 summers ago when we started the adoptin process. So I have an entire 18 month fall/winter season, 24 months and 3-4T of clothes! I spent most of the week last week doing this! It is a lot of work! So if you have a boy and live close you might be getting a bag on your front door! PAY IT FORWARD!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Warm summer night...

We went to my parents house for a swim and dinner...that is what we do 3-4 nights a week in the summer. Since they have the pool, why not! Tonight he stayed over, since I have to work inthe AM. SO here are some shots from the day...are you sick of me yet with these pictures of my beautiful baby??? Sorry if you are.

These 2 love each other! Hannah and Jules
I could just bite him all day long!!!!

3 budda's and a dog! Must be nice to just hang around with papa!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everything changes...

I can't seem to take enough pictures of him! If I had a camera attached to my eye ball we would be all set! Tonight we set up the play pen in the yard...we put a blanket down, so the lure of eating the grass and flyer's wouldn't be so tempting! We brought out his favorite toys and sat down for a nice relaxing few minutes...yeah right! The minute I sat down, I remembered that I didn't bring out the camera or video I get back up, go inside, get the camera, remember that the disk was upstairs, then let the dogs out, went to the ladies room and then went back out...and there he was STANDING!!! I screamed! Jeff said he got up the minute I stepped in the house! Figures of course! He was standing at mom's house this morning, so I was dieing to see it...So here are some pictures of our nice night outside...I wish my camera would focus better...maybe I was too close...who knows. It is our very expensive digital camera...I like the way the shutter doesn't take forever to go back to take another all I have to do is figure out how to use the darn thing!!

Man have I enjoyed these past 10 months and 3 weeks of my child's life! It has been nothing but wonderful...absolutely wonderful! I am so in love with my son I can't stand it. He is just the most wonderful gift anyone could ever give me...I thank god every night for this sweet child of mine!
Even when he is like this! Tired and Hungry...2 wonderful combinations!!! Wouldn't you agree! ?
This was just before bed time...he was so tired!
Click on the picture to get the full effect of the cry!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Who loves ya????

This was from our Photo shoot...I just love this picture of him! Since times are tough for all around, we are no longer going to do the JC Penny or Sears Photo sessions. We have figured that we are saving over $200.00 by doing our own photo shoot...not to bad I think!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The week from...

UGH!!! Julian has been sick! I feel so bad for him...a really nasty cold! Green buggers....just plain yucky! I am not use to him being sick. We have been very lucky for 10 months! So Tuesday night we did our normal routine of bedtime, gave him his bottle, he began to snuggle after he had it, then he coughed a few times and then...vomit!!! I jumped up, yell down stairs for Jeff, he comes in with windex and paper towels in hand...I looked at him really weird, weren't even a boy scout! I sit Julian on the changing table to change him, so I lay him down, he starts to cough again, so I sit him up and then (I have taken my vomit filled sweater off,so now I am standing in my bra) he projectiles everywhere(down my bra, down the front of me, lands on my feet!)...I mean everywhere...I kept saying your ok, your ok...mean while, I keep looking at Jeff and say what do we do? So that went on 5 more times...Julian was fine, happy and full of vomit! So Jeff, runs the bath, I get Julian undressed, we put him in the tub and he preceeds to be as happy as he was before this horrible cold! I clean up the is everywhere! I am so suprised at myself for not vomitting myself. So Weds. night he went to sleep fine, he had no temp, and slept through the night, getting up at 5:30am to cry a bit then back to sleep. Jeff gave him some water and juice and he kept it down, so now it is BRAT time. The doctor and I both agree it is most likely from the post nasal drip! Man I felt like I was in a movie, I have never seen anything like it in all my life! But we made it through!

So today was a long day! Mom and dad normally take him but they are sick...we think they caught their colds from the ER. So Jeff was with him all day. I love to hear how their day goes...Jeff gives me the play by play. So he calls me at work and says..."Julian asked for your picture because he doesn't remember what you look like, since you have been gone all day!" Ok, I left for work at 10:30am and it was around 2:30pm...I love how they make you feel guilty! Then my work phone rings at 4:30pm..."when are you coming home?" UGH! So I call Jeff when I am in the is now 5:15pm...He says to me "Julian left...he went looking for you" I said did he leave? "in his stroller" I said who is pushing it?" he said"no one!" we both laugh thinking about Julian in his stroller with a stick, like an ore from a row boat! Needless to say, I made it home to dinner on the table, baby already fed dinner and a nice warm welcome from my hubby, julian and our dogs...I tell you...after the day I had, it was nice to see all of them happy to see me!

Jeff is still on vacation and has promised the weekend to Julian and I! Jeff has been doing cores around the house all week...I am off tomorrow, so I am taking Gram shopping and spending some time with her. Everyone at work wants to see has been a few weeks since he has been there. Then Saturday we are hitting all the farmer's Markets we can, stopping by Chuck and Michelle's house to drop stuff off...and the rest of the weekend is family time! So looking forward to it!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Jeffrey!

Ok, so I am a day late and maybe a dollar short, I am not sure about that! We had a very busy weekend with Grandma Sikorski's furneral, and Father's Day! Mom and Dad took the baby on Friday night, knowing that Saturday would be very busy with the furneral and family obligations. And to top it off, Julian has a terrible cold! Poor baby! So we picked him up on Saturday afternoon, went home, changed and then went shopping...I don't know about you, but when I don't feel good, shopping always cheers me up! LOL Julian was a trooper and he did great! Sunday we spent the morning and early afternoon home, enjoying a nice quite first Father's day for Jeff. Then we went to my parents for dinner, with Grandma and Uncle Damon. It was a nice night. Here are a few pictures from that little party!
(Thanks for all the prayers for dad! They released him and now they are doing a wait and see what happens. We are hoping all will be fine and no surgery will be needed! )

Toward the end of the night, poor Julian was so tired, but we had to get a picture of Papa and him...I am not sure if he was getting ready to cry or if he was laughing at was a long day and Mommy was very tired!

Today we had some crazy weather! We had hail the size of Silver Dollars! I have never seen hail this big before, so I had to take a picture of it...sorry it is blurry! I tried to size it with something, and all i could find was Julian's small rubber ducky!

And there is always a rainbow at the end of a here it is! Hope you found your pot of gold...I know I did! Julian and Jeff were in it! Hugs and Blessings!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My platter is full!

That is what my mother said to me yesterday...that my platter is full. As in my plate is full...get it? So with my father still in the hospital, not knowing what is going on, if he is going to have surgery or not. The passing of Jeff's grandmother and all the family drama that goes with in the middle...and now, the three of us are sick with colds! UGH! SO I haven't been in the office since Tuesday, the great thing about my job, is I have a laptop, printer and fax machine here at home, so I really don't need to go in. But I like getting out of the house and going to the office. Seeing other adults...interacting. Today I have a confrence call and as I sit here in my dining room with Julian in is pack and play, sneezing, and looking so darn cute, I consider myself so blessed! Everytime my poor baby sneezes...snot...yuck! Comes out of his nose! SO I find myself now being a nose wiper! He is just so darn cute. We were at Jeff's Aunt's house last night, and his cousin was there with her 3 boys...she is pregnant with her 4th boy, due in September, so that will make 7 boys in the family. What is that a hockey team? Oh who was so cute to see the boys playing so nice together. Max who was the oldest there is 5 and what a sweet little guy he is. He was so gentel with Julian and Miles (he is 18 months old) at one point, I looked over and there was Miles and Julian...julian had max's foot in his hand and julian was flicking his toes...I just laughed! It was so cute! little man is calling me! Have a great day

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prayers are needed please...

So...this morning at 6:45am my phone rings, it is my mom on her cell is in the hospital, he has another blockage andthey think this is the big surgery that we have all been dreading. My poor mom, has to work today (she sells real estate and has to present an offer) I can't go to see dad until later.

Some of you might remember that my father has had issues with his colon and has had 3 major hernia surgeries in 3 years. We knew that he had 5 hurnia, 3 months ago, but thought he would have more time before he would have to have this surgery. It is very serious this time. They are going to remove this awful mesh that this other doctor used last time. Only this time it is very serious, he could bleed to death when they remove the mesh. So needless to say...we need some serious prayers here. I will keep everyone posted, I know they have admitted him and mom said she would call as soon as she hears something. My house is a mess, I haven't check my work email, I am doing laundry...oh good lord!

And then to top off this wonderful day we are having, we got a call from Jeff's cousin that his grandmother died last night.This is the mother of his father whom we have not spoken to in 2 years. The same father who didn't call Jeff to congratulate him on the brith of his son. This is the father who new wife wrote my husband a letter telling him what a horrible person I am from keeping him from this father...(side note...Jeff and his father have never gotten along...his father was too selfish, was very young when he had him and looked at him as a burden more then a son) And I am the one who has kept them apart! So his grandmother was old, 88, and died in he sleep in the nursing home. Now she is in a better place, without pain.

So his cousin wants us there for the wake (tomorrow from 2-7) the whole time, his Aunt also expressed that she wants us there. So we will go...but Jeff's father will also be there. I have very mixed emotions about the whole thing. I am in the middle of this whole mess...There is alot of bitterness between Jeff's sister toward his cousin (I love his cousin, we went to high school together and she married a childhood friend of mine, and we have had some issues in the past but we are all fine now...Strange how things happen) Their grandmother favored his cousin over Jeff and his I understand where the anger is coming from, but with his sister ( Jeff's ) I feel like tellhing to GET OVER IT! MOVE ON! You were so little, now they both have boys around the same age. Jeff's cousin is preggers with her 4th boy, so Julian and him will be 13 months apart, and that isn't that far apart when they are older. We have mended the fence with them along time ago.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers please. Thanks and hugs

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Favorite Pictures of summer...

These are my favorite pictures of summer so far! And summer isn't really here yet...go figure! I finally captured his smile! My camera is terrible, but my mothers is great! So these pictures are from her camera. We have been at their house the past 4 days! It has been so hot and since they have a pool...why not go there! Julian spent the night last night, I have to work this morning, so I am sure he will be in the pool today with Papa! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Let's go swimming..."

I am sure I will hear this for the rest of my life with Julian...Just like my mom heard this from me when I was little. So sine it was 90 in the shade we went for our first swim at Nana and Papa's house. Boy did we have fun! Here are pictures from our day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Outside Photo Shoot

You are killing me mom!
Oh no...not another one!
You talking to me????
A little piece of the fern goes a long way!

So you know I am a nut when it comes to pictures of today we thought "let's do a photo shoot!" So here are some pictures from out shoot!