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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My platter is full!

That is what my mother said to me yesterday...that my platter is full. As in my plate is full...get it? So with my father still in the hospital, not knowing what is going on, if he is going to have surgery or not. The passing of Jeff's grandmother and all the family drama that goes with in the middle...and now, the three of us are sick with colds! UGH! SO I haven't been in the office since Tuesday, the great thing about my job, is I have a laptop, printer and fax machine here at home, so I really don't need to go in. But I like getting out of the house and going to the office. Seeing other adults...interacting. Today I have a confrence call and as I sit here in my dining room with Julian in is pack and play, sneezing, and looking so darn cute, I consider myself so blessed! Everytime my poor baby sneezes...snot...yuck! Comes out of his nose! SO I find myself now being a nose wiper! He is just so darn cute. We were at Jeff's Aunt's house last night, and his cousin was there with her 3 boys...she is pregnant with her 4th boy, due in September, so that will make 7 boys in the family. What is that a hockey team? Oh who was so cute to see the boys playing so nice together. Max who was the oldest there is 5 and what a sweet little guy he is. He was so gentel with Julian and Miles (he is 18 months old) at one point, I looked over and there was Miles and Julian...julian had max's foot in his hand and julian was flicking his toes...I just laughed! It was so cute! little man is calling me! Have a great day

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Paula said...

Hope you get over your colds. Thats a bummer to be sick in the summer.