My daily prayer...

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The first picture is of him today...I was getting ready to give him him breakfast and he looked so darn cute, I had to take a pciture of it. It is like he is say "Ta Dah" (his mouth is open, with the anticiaption that food will be coming soon!) This kid cracks me up.
The next group of pictures is from last night after dinner I thought now is a good time to start him with a Nuk Cup, so I got the camera ready and had daddy give it to him. I wanted to capture the moment on film and I did! So the first picture is of him checking it out...the next picture is of him trying to get the juice out, only problem is he leans forward instead of backword to drink out of it. I was cracking up!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Well...I am having that day! I have done nothing but cry all day! Good lord...make it stop! So I think it is that time of the month...I didn't keep track this past month, so I am going to assume it is. Poor Julian...Looking over at mommy and she is cry...and about really nothing. Well, you know when you are having that type of day your tend to watch or listen to anything that will make you sad! I watch Celebrity Apprentice, and when Trace Adkins sang his new single "Your gonna miss this" I balled my eyes out! I just love the age that Julian is at. I was reading a friends blog...Sue, who's son Cullen is 2 and a half weeks old, and there were pictures of Cullen's first bath, it brought back a flood of memories of Julian and giving him his first bath...what fun. I am so enjoying watching Julian discover new things. When I talk him outside he is looking all around, discovering everything new to him. It is so sweet. They are so innocent at this age or any age under 2!

We have a busy weekend...On Saturday we have a birthday party for Julian's cousin Alex (Jeff's sisters son) Daddy has a retirment party, and I was going to a fundraiser on Saturday, but plans changed. Mom is taking Julian over night anyway. On Sunday, Jeff has a work thing and I have a baby shower, then we will meet up at my mom's house for dinner. So it is going to be a fun filled weekend.

Today, I am making the big purchase of a car seat. My baby is out of the car carrier. So sad. He is 23 lbs and 29 inches...right at the limit. He is such a good boy...and he is starting to say Mama! Yeah! I will post pictures this weekend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Please Pray for the Cote family...

US Army Veteran Jonathon Coté and 4 other hostages
(three Americans; one Austrian) who were working for
Crescent Security Group when they were kidnapped
in Southern Iraq on November 16, 2006.

If you are from WNY you know this family's name. Cote's. They have a son that was working in Iraq when he and 5 others were taken hostage over a year ago. Please pray for this young man. His family is from my home town. You all know I believe in the power of prayer...this family needs your well as the other families. Please visit their website and pray for them. Please pass this along to others if you like. Please pray he is still alive, please pray for him to return home. Thank you!
“O Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.”PSALM 130 v 2

Monday, March 24, 2008

I can't stand it....

He is so darn cute! This is the face he makes when he is really studying something It cracks me up! Thought I would share this picture.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

40th Birthday and Easter Sunday!


Birthday boys with their ladies
Birthday boys, after many beers
me and my baby
Nana and her prince
Nonnie and her favorite little guy

What a great weekend...Jeff turned 40 on Saturday and we had a suprise party for him and our dear friend Scott (he turned 40 on tuesday)...we pulled it off and they were both suprised! Thank you Patrick for taking them out for drinks and bringing them to the party! We went bowling! We had a blast! We had our closest friends with us and it was a great time! We were out until midnight...Easter Sunday we went to brunch with my family, minus my brother (still in Iraq) Then mom and dad took Julian home with them and Jeff and I went home for a nap. We then went back to mom and dad's for a lite dinner. All in all it was a wonderful weekend! Our first Easter with our boy, spent with family and best friends!

Daddy and his cutie pie
Papa and his little man...

Julian eating dinner at nana and papa's house...blowing bubbles!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pictures from the week...

Today his teeth are bothering he is chewing on his fish!
So it is good friday...the last day my beloved is 39. Wow...I have known him most of his 30's. We were going out to dinner with his family, but with it being good friday and NCAA games are on, it would be so hard to get into a resturant. SO we are spending a quite night home, watching Law and Order from this week, playing with the baby and just plan relaxing. We have his suprise party tomorrow night and Easter Sunday we are going to brunch with my family. It should be a nice weekend. Happy Easter to all!

Monday, March 17, 2008

You are the sunshine of my life...

That face...I could bite all day long!
those eyes!
So I am sitting here at my desk, swamped with work and I just had to post these two pictures from this morning. I love when Jeff is off from work and he wakes me up with a visit from this morning I happen to have my cell phone with me, so I took 2 pictures. Then as I was downloading the pictures...Stevie Wonders song came on "YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE" That pretty much sums it up! I am on total withdrawl...normally I have Julian today but since Daddy is home from work, I figured I would go to work and work from home on Weds. instead. Well...I am sad I am here and he is there. Oh well...back to work!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day Oh...the luck of the Irish! I feel lucky today and everyday. I have been blessed with great friends and a great family and a great baby! The weekend is almost over and I hate Sunday nights...Jeff is home tomorrow so I will be working while he stays home with Jules. I love to see them together. This morning, Jules was in his exersaucer and Jeff went out side and came back in, and as soon as Jules saw his Daddy...he went crazy! It was the cutest thing ever. It gave me goose bumps! So darn cute! We got Jules picture with the easter bunny. I will post a picture this week. He looked like he was going to cry...the bottom lip was coming down, but I got to him in time! I love this age...7.5 months...where is the time going??? Doesn't it just seem like we brought him home?
My brother called today...he talked to Jules and he got so excited! I t looks like he will be coming home at the end of May. Julain will be almost 10 months by then. YIKES!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Picture from Iraq...

Finally...a photo to show! My brother is in the middle. These are the guys he is with in Iraq. He is due home in May sometime...They are there to keep America safe, and I thank them for their service. Everytime I hear of something happening in the location where he is, my heart skips a beat and I email him right away and wait for a response. So I am happy to report...he is safe and sound! Hope to talk to him this weekend! Hugs and Blessings

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holy babies...

Well what a week it has been! Our friends Teri and Howie welcomed Ellie into the world. We have all been waiting for her to arrive and she is beautiful! Welcome Ellie...then yesterday Our friends Sue and Shawn "got the call" that they were chosen and headed out early this morning and have met their son...Cullen David!!! amazing is that. The really neat thing is Sue and Teri are best friends and their daughters are great friends and now they have 2 new babies a week apart (give or take a few days) How amazing is that! So in the last year, out of our little group of WNY adoption buddies...we have welcomed 6 babies by adoption and 2 more by suprise pregnancies! Man oh man...I have a felling that Janet and Paulette you are both next!!! Don't give up the faith and keep those prayers coming!! God is great! Amen! Congrats!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Beautiful baby...



I am going to be submitting his picture to Gerber and Fisher Price...I never wanted to be "one of those mom's" but...I guess I am! He is too pretty not too!!!

So the voting begins now and will run until Friday...I will let you know the results. To post your vote...let it in a comment. Thanks!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

7 months and a day... i am a slacker! I will admit to it now! Yeasterday Julian was 7 months old...all we did was hang around in our was a great day to do so. We got over a foot and a half of snow! It is about time! Only we normally get it in February...this year we got it in March! Setting the clocks forward is alot harder this year witha baby then it was last year! I am more off schedule then he is I think. Here are a few pictures of the snow and of the Prince...Julian that is...

Or chewing on his blanket...

This is from this morning...I haven't gotten out to take a pciture yet, so this is from our dining room window...sorry about the screen. Opps! So all is good here at our house. The sun is our and it has been a good day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

This is the most current look of Julian. He is now cutting teeth on the top! 2 of them! Poor baby! But he is a champ!

He is still congested but doing much better!

More pictures tomorrow...can anyone guess what tomorrow is???

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A fresh coat...

always makes everything look so clean! SNOW I am talking about SNOW! Not a ton but we got some! Jeff has been home sick from wrok for 2 days now. I know he is sick when he calls in...he never calls in! So today it is the 3 of us, home, spending time together...I will work from home today...tonight I am going to the Hockey game with work. We are going to be in the "BOX" How exciting! I use to go in the box for my old job, is always a blast. I will take pictures and share them. It should be alot of fun!

Julian went to the Dr.'s on Monday, just to have his cough checked and she said he had the smae thing as me...poor baby. He is still sleeping like a champ and is so pleasent to be around. You wouldn't know it unless you heard him cough...then you know. Well it is time for coffee!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's Offical...

I am in love, beyond love for my child! So on Thursday night, he looked like he was really know that look in the eyes...during the night, i heard him cough a few the time he woke up...he was sick :-( I called the Dr. they said keep an eye on him, if he gets a fever for more then 3 days, then come see them. All day on Friday... he was cranky...but still playing like always...coughing here and then...flemy sounding...still eating well...Saturday it got a little worse, but the drooling was unreal! Changing bibs like there was no tomorrow...then it dawned on me...he is cutting another tooth. So is he really sick or is it teething? That is the million dollar question. He has no fever, just a runny nose and cough...which could be either. He is such a sweety...he snuggles with me and I love it. He is such a sweet little guy.

On Sunday, Jeff informs me he is now sick too! So we are all coughing, have runny noses and really not wanting to do much. So here are a few pictures from our Sunday at home...watching hockey and not doing much! Don't you love Sunday's like that????

If you look close you can see his 1st tooth coming trough...there is another one on the other side making it's way!

This picture cracks me up...he was having so much fun he waws kicking his sock off!