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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A new outlook? Superwoman I am not!

So this week has been one for the books! I feel like I am being tested by God! On Sunday I was chatting with a friend, knitting while sitting on the couch ( a no no for me) and Jeff asked me to keep an eye on the fire and I was going to get up, mind you still with the phone in hand, more like in ear, knitting needles and yarn and getting out of the couch when all of a sudden...YES my back goes! For the love of GOD! SO I quickly get off the phone, get ice, take my meds and sit down and rest a bit. Jeff gets mad because I am in control of my own situation...I did not know being born with a bad back was in my control, but I do know that my over all body is! That I get...If you have known me long, you have know I have battled my weight all my life it seems. But when oh when will I ever get it under control?

In March of 2009, after my December fall, my back was so bad I was laid up for 3 weeks...the worst ever...not to mention that I had a 1 and a half yr old who needed me, a husband and a crappy job! So I began losing weight and taking my life back. 75 lbs later, I feel better, Not sure if I look better...but I also feel that my back is better...with less flare ups.

So after this happened...I guess it all came rushing back to me. I stepped on the scale and I gain 5 lbs back of the 75! That I am not proud of! So if you think about is like strapping on a 50 lb bag of flour...So...I was thinking back as to when I feel the is when I am swimming... and in the summer time...I am walking more and swimming! Did I mention swimming? It is a natural decompresson of your starting this week...I am hitting the pool again! I need to bit my core and keep it there. My problem has ALWAYS been...once I feel better I stop doing what is making me feel better...then I pretend like I am super woman...which I am not! So now I have bible veres's all over the house, along with little notes to remind me what I need to do with my posture and such. So wish me luck...this blog may become my weight loss blog! LOL

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