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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sorry it has been a while!

One of our favorite books to read!

Here is the most recent picture of Julian!

I know...I am horrible at keeping up on my blog, and I really want to post everyday...and honestly I forgot my now I am back and know it so no excuses!!! I must say...I love Julian's pre-school and I love Face book! I have made so many new friends that I can count on to be there when needed and they are not out just for themselves. It is such a blessing! My knitting is coming along great! I have so many to post for sale, I am not sure when or where I will find the time! I am working on my new project of redoing my family room window treatments. I am getting rid of the Valences and doing new rods. I am so glad we made the change! I love my library and I am in the all the time! I love to just sit there and read my bible or just a nice parenting mag that has come in the mail!

Jeff has been working so much overtime, it seems like we are passing ships! On the Job front...there really is nothing to speak of. Which is kind of depressing...but I know that God has a plan for us and I just have to follow His lead! This year I am turning 40 and we (Jeff and I ) are planning on going away...I am really thinking Niagara Falls Canada...even though it is in our back yard, it has changed so much in the past few years that I am looking forward to it. We DO NOT gamble so the casino is out of the I think we will do a few day trips to little sweet towns in the area. I have been so blessed with such a wonderful husband, words cannot express my love for him. When you see others struggle with their marriage you really evaluate yours and I am amazed at house wonderful ours has become and how grateful I am for him.

Julian has been amazing...he is smart---reading, writing, making flash cards...funny---he is so funny...the things that come out of his mouth are so funny...every night he tells his pillow pet (Rufus) about his day for the time he wakes up to the time it is ready for bed. It is so sweet. He is so sweet little boy...he is such a help around the house...he knows when my back hurts and makes it easy for me. Plus he is so handsome! I can't believe how much his looks have stayed the same...Such a handsome little guy!

My family has been healthy and wonderful as well! I am so blessed to have my parents here with us. They just love Julian and us so much, it is such a blessing! My brother is married almost a year now...with his work and family life, we hardly see him...but he is happy and that is what counts! Gram is still alive and kicking! 88 years young! I think she has more energy then I!

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Patti said...

Colette you have a way with finding all the positive in life! I love that about you! :)
Glad to hear all is well - and you're taking time to enjoy the simplicity's of life.

Love you - Patti