My daily prayer...

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something you may not know...


I was a very active member of the Amherst Garden Club...I held several positions on the board and was ready to be president when Julian was born so I had to decline. I was also on the District 8 board, part of the NYS Garden Clubs. It was a part of my life I really enjoyed! I met so many nice ladies...I was the youngest by many years...I was the age of some of their grandchildren, and I learned so much from them. This past week we lost one of our members. Mom and I went to the furneral, the sad thing was, we were the ONLY members from Garden club who attened. And to be honest with you...I am not even a current member. My mother is past president and I am past 1st vice we felt it was the right thing to do...We seem to do that alot! Her daughter is an only child...and if you know anything about what is the current situation in our family, I too am an only I looked at her and thought...that is going to be me, when my mother dies, and that is going to be Julian when we die. We are very content having an only child...God gave us this amazing gift, so who am I to ask for another gift? But it got me thinking...what will she do now that her mother is gone? She was extermemly close to her mother, like I am to mine. I felt bad for her...I didn't see any of her friends and she has no children. I made it a point to tell her we would do coffee in the next week...and I am going to stick to that promise. Even if it is once a month...I feel like it is somethign I should do. So that is my tangent...on to the rest of my blog...

I still enjoy gardening...I have some winter plants in our garden called HELLEBORUS.

The wonderful thing about this plant is that it blooms in the winter, so it is perfect for our zone. My white ones are already in bloom, but my pink ones are on their way! Today we woke up to snow...just a dusting but still! My Garden is screaming for me! Since I have a bad back I have to pace myself...a little here and a little there. Everyday, I am going to get Julian and we are going to weed. My parents also have a love for I know he will be doing gardening there as well!
I love my OAKLEAF HIDRANGA it is in the corner of our front garden next to the has more then enough room to the spring and summer the leaves are big and green, toward the end of July/early August they begin to turn a nice red shade...the fall they are amazing! So that is my little lesson on my garden! Sending Hugs and Blessings!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mommy Friends...

"US MOM'S NEED TO STICK TOGETHER!" That is a quote from a dear friend of was one of the first things she said to me on the first day of school with Julian. Her son Michael and Julian are buddies in school. Isn't that the truth...we do need to stick together! Who else knows how hard it is to keep it all together without getting in our car and keep on driving! I know we have ALL thought about it once maybe twice...but we don't do it...we love our family way to much to leave least I do...and I know that the ones that read this feel the same way! I find that I have way more patience then my husband when it comes to Julian. Is it because I am with him all day, or is it because I don't want daddy to raise his voice at him? I am not sure, but I know that I am not perfect and don't pretend to be. I try not to put too much on my plate, but sometimes that fails. I want to be the best mom I can be...I want to teach him everything I know and more, and I want him to teach me how to be a better mom.

We have been potty training for what feels like FOREVER! Finally, yes finally he is pooping on the potty without me asking him! YEAH! Today, (Jeff was removing a queen bed from our spare room..eventually I want to make that room either Julian's room or just a giant play room for this point, since the dogs are still with us, I am going to make it into a craft/sewing room.) so we were moving the bed out and I was at the top of the stairs when Julian comes walking up the stairs and says "mommy come with me...come with me...I went poop on the potty!" At first I thought he was just trying to get me to play with him...put I could see in his big brown eyes that YES indeed he did POOP! That was a very proud moment that I had as a mom...that I am doing right by my son! He is listening to me, and learning! Yippee!!!

But when I say we need to stick together and having mom friends is SO important, is sometimes we feel like we are the only ones who are going through this...alone...and we are not alone! I have some wonderful friends that I can call upon for advise and they are there in a heart beat for me! They don't make me feel like I was asking a dumb mom is a real question...sometimes we feel alone...but we are not! I felt alone when we had our miscarriages, but once I talked about it I found I wasn't alone there either! I hope my friends know that they can ALWAYS call upon me for advise, babysitting help or making meal for them!

When Julian was born and we brought him home we only had ONE friend make us dinner and bring it over...ONE! I am not sure if it was because I didn't give birth to him and I wasn't recovering from surgery or delivery But believe me...I gave birth to this child of mine...a different kind of birth!Maybe because at that time Jeff was the one who made dinner...that was very disappointing...but we survived...I can tell you I make dinner for sick friends and I love it. When one of our friends have a baby, we bring a full meal is just who I big deal...just me. I have found that once I spread myself thin with a few friends. I feel that sometimes we need to move on with certain a chapter in a is time for a new chapter...ever feel that way? Well that is my rant for the day...I hope you all have a wonderful night...sending hugs and blessings! Always be there for you mom never know when she really needs a friend!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a day!

Today was crazy...busy busy busy! I just now sat down...and thought I would write about our day! This morning I went for a long walk, by myself! It was wonderful...then I picked up Julian, we went to my PT...Have I mentioned that I love everyone at PT? They are like a little is so nice to see everyone working so well together! Well you know we love I dropped off some homemade sauce for her and she gave us some goodies as well! She gave Julian these 2 awesome balls that light up and are so much fun! We played with them all day! And she also gave us these pastries with fig and poppy seeds! YUMMY! She is so good to us and we love her!!! Then we got the car washed...came home and took a we napped together...he was so good, I wanted to give him a reward for being such a good boy, so we watched some TV then took a nap....normally he was taking 1 hour naps...well they use to be much longer but lately it has been cutting we had a 2 hour nap! It was wonderful!!! Then we rushed out to go shopping for 3 birthday presents, then to Wegmans, then home, dinner, then I had to take Libby our other greyhound to the vets. We knew she needed to get her teeth done...pulled...and sure is bad! So we have to make sure we get it done ASAP! Jeff put Julian in the tub and they had a great little night when I got home Julian ran down the stairs and gave me a huge wss so great! I love getting those big giant hugs! I was gone for 1 hour and that is how I was was great! We said our prayers and all is good in our home! So that was our day and now mommy is done! Have a great night! Hugs and Blessings!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday with Madeline....

and it is always eventful! My mother and I have counted...43 bags of "stuff" has been removed by us! Today, I took many bags over to this wonderful place that helps women get back on their feet after being out of work for sometime. Gram has some beautiful clothes, so I wanted to make sure they were going someplace that women could really use them! There are many places that I could bring things to and have! Today, my dear friend, Cyndi and I were at coffee this morning after drop off for an hour of chatting without the little was it nice not to be interupted! So she is having a clothing swap...but what is going to do with the left we were talking about this place...well when I got to Gram's she gave a business card for EVERYWOMAN OPPORTUNITY and I called Cyndi to let her know...I feel like God was watching over me leading me into the right direction!

So here are some of the things gram said today..."I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THAT", "OH NOW I AM NOT GIVING THAT AWAY TO HER!" and " I JUST WORE THAT...4 YEARS AGO!"

Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs and Blessings!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Chris the Fish and Sunny Sunday!

I love Sundays! Mostly because my husband doesn't work and we are all home together! Today was a bit different...he let me sleep in...then we did our shopping and bought Julian a beta fish...I figure we are safe with that and he wouldn't die too soon! So Julian named him Chris...not sure why...I didn't Chris it is! When Jeff went off to do his baseball team, Julian and I spent the afternoon with Nana and papa...our 2 favorite people! Julian went down for his nap and Nana and I went shopping! Just basic stuff but it is always nice to be with my mom alone! Tomorrow starts a very busy week...Julian is back to school, I am going to Grams tomorrow and I am still on the job far nothing! Look for my post tomorrow...Monday's with Madeline! Have a great night...hugs and blessings!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday mayhem!

SO today...all I wanted to do was clean my bathrooms...and all I kept hearing was "are you done yet mommy?" which normally melts my heart, but today it got on my nerves! I never complain about Julian because he is a true gem, but for some reason and I think it was more me then him, I was at wits end! Daddy couldn't get home fast enough and then when he walked in the door he told me he had a terrible cold and as was sicker then a dog...I was about to pound my head against the wall! As mom's I know we ALL have days like this...So what did I do? I put on my IPOD and listened to all my Christan Music...always makes me feel better!
So Julian spent 4 times in his bedroom and finally I asked him why he wasn't listening to me...he told me "because he left his ears at school!" So what is a mom to do? Well, THIS mom called his teacher (not really) and asked her to fax them to Papa...then Papa called and sent them over through the phone and I put them back on him! It worked! So for some reason, when things get a little crazy around here, I give him a bath...he will sit in the tub for hours if I let him...he loves it and I am able to fold laundry and put it away, clean the bath room and sometimes even sneak in a shower the same bathroom. We talk and sing the entire time...she loves to sing no better place then in the tub!
I would have loved to put him in the yard to play today,but it was very cold out...the sun was shining all day...which I loved but it showed how dirty my windows are! Thank God for those new windows..very easy to I think Monday...providing it doesn't snow...the windows will be washed!
Tomorrow we are skipping church and going out for breakfast and then to the pet store...We need to buy Eugene a harness and a muzzle...and we are going to get Julian a is going to be a SUPRISE...that is what he calls it! He has been doing so well on the potty, that I am going to have him pick everything out...He is going to be so excited! So I will let you know what he names it and what we get! Then we are going to Nana and Papa's house while daddy does his baseball thing...should be a very nice day! Fingers Crossed!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Stop back always...sending you many Hugs and Blessings!!
Oh yeah...I have been waking up PAIN FREE since I bough and wear my new inserts for my sneakers...I have a very high arch and have been having problems with the left side of my body...foot, hip and back pain...I think I am in love! If you are interested in hearing more Please post a comment I will tell more about ! Love you all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

FAKE BASEBALL TEAM and my laptop is hyjacked!!

Blowing Bubbles the other day...
Being silly with mommy's crocs on...which I no longer wear!
Our craft cabinet...I have an entire room in the basement that was a dark room from the previous owners, I will post pictures of that soon!

Julian playing in the I could get some stuff done...
Maybe I should have straightened up a bit before taking these pictures...but this shows you I am not perfect!

So I have been MIA because I normally write my blog at night...but my husband has a fantasy baseball team pick is on I have to write this one during the day...which I don't normally like to take my time away from Julian...One of the things when you have an only child is YOU are their playmate...which I don't mind one bit...but when you have chores to we have been working on independent is a challenge but it one worth working on.
Julian has had a nasty cold...thankfully there was no fever with this one...he normally gets a high fever one night and then he is better...this cold has been lingering he has missed school on Weds. and I am thinking of keeping him home tomorrow aw well. So we have had to be creative in what we are know when they are sick they become Klingon's...which is fine, but limits your I found myself changing bed linens and cleaning last night once he went to bed.

I find myself yelling more today then other days...I haven't been sleeping well...I had a dream the other night that the plaza near us was on fire, and I was trying to get Julian and the dogs out of the house all at the same time and I was having was rough, so I have been trying to think of plans on how to get out fast! So that has been keeping my mind racing!
I loved that some of you are leaving comments on here...Please keep them coming! On the cat note...Gram can't get another cat...she is just getting to old...those were her I guess she is no longer a pet owner. That is why I will be going over there on Monday's with Julian...that will keep her going...knowing he will be over once a week!
As always thanks for stopping by and I am always sending you hugs and blessings!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's with Madeline?

Julian and Gram on our first Mother's Day

So I was thinking of starting a little blogging series called Monday's with Madeline...that is my mother's mother. She is 88 years young! Brief history of my grandmother and I...We have never been real close but I love her...with all her faults that I look over, she still is my grandmother! She was doing really well until my brother and his wife had her over their house and she fell on the stairs and has never been the same since. So since we don't want her to go into a nursing home, mom was able to pull a few strings...and we were able to get her a ground floor apartment in the same building where she lives! PERFECT! Well, my mother and I have been spending our Monday mornings with Madeline.
The good, the bad and the ugly is what this experience has been! Finding old things that belonged to my great grandparents has been great...going though all the clothes that this woman has...not so great!She has a sweater for every day of the year...and I am not lieing! Today was a sad day for us all...I had to take her cat who was 20 years, to the Vet to put her to sleep...she had her for just over 2 years, she was a rescue cat from a client of my mothers. She was very sweet...but very old and sick. So I had to take her to the vets. I was once again in my grandmother's eyes the bad child!

I didn't think I was going to cry...I didn't know this cat, had now ties to her...I am NOT a cat person...but I did cry...alot...far more then I thought I would. Then I began to think of the conversations I have been having with my grandmother as I am tossing out 1980 sweaters with the color know the ones...big shoulders, big bright color she is saying to me that "these closes are all I have!" I started to feel sorry for sad that she views her clothes has her only possessions. Or the only thing that makes her feel good. She has always been very vain and always cared how she looked...and at 88 she is still the same! 19 wigs she has! 19!!! Who has 19 wigs...she has ones for dress up and ones for casual attire! WHO DOES THIS? SHE DOES! And that is who she is! Love it or leave it! So I guess I will be more tolerant of her since she is old and this is all she has left in her life. So once we get her set up in her new apartment...Julian and I are going to do MONDAY MORNINGS WITH MADELINE. She loves and adores him...and he why not do wonderful is it that she is able to have her great grandson with her and he is able to have this time with his great grandmother. So sometime in April I will start that.

I know it sounds like I am hard on her...I am...I will admit to it...but I do love son loves how could I not love her!

Have a great night...Hugs and Blessings!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's 8 zero zero mommy!

So yesterday was a super long day...Julian was up super early, no nap and wasw going to be later then I wanted him too! So I said to him as he was getting into bed..."Now I want you to sleep till 8 zero zero (it was 7:45pm) so I get my cup of tea head upstairs to watch a movie since Jeff was watchin BBall...and I hear..."MOMMY IT'S 8 ZERO ZERO" Here I am thinking he is looking for excuses to stay awake and I yell "GO TO SLEEP JULIAN" he keeps chanting the at 8:06pm hubby finally yells from the family told him 8 zero zero...then it dawned on I go into his room and explain to him I was meaning 8 in the morning not at night...his sweet little response to me was "OH MAN" then he snuggled into his bed and falls asleep...needless to say...he was awake at 6:30am! Wishful thinking mommy! Daddy let me sleep in till 9am! Thanks daddy!
I hope you all have a wonderful day! Sending you so many hugs and blessings!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Say it isn't so...SPRING?

A sign of Spring...the flowers creeping up and Julian blowing bubbles! He has always loved bubbles and when he had his speech issues, I worked with him everyday on blowing the bubbles...i figured the blowing was good for his speech...He loves bubbles! So we do bubbles!

Tonight was the big moon...but we had clouds...bummer! So maybe when I get him up tonight we will look out the window and maybe we will see it!

I have a friend who told me I was a great mom and that really touched know as mom's we try our best to be the best...I had a friend that passed away 2 years in July and she was an amazing mom...I always said if I could be half the mom she was I would be great! So now that I am unemployed and having no prospects...I am doing the best I can...I want him to happy and enjoy his childhood...We had gone outside tonight, to kick the ball around the yard ( I am sure I will be paying for it later with my back...but who cares!) it was so cold and Jeff said "why are you going out there" I told him..."this is just a glimpse of their little life...soon enough he will be heading off to college, I don't want him to miss this...he may not remember it, but I will be able to tell him about it"...I will someday print out all these pages and make a book for him. To me...he is the most beautiful person on this earth...not just his looks...he sweetness, his personality...he is so wonderful to be around. I thank God every night and day for this child of was such a struggle to have that we do, I am sucking it all in...everyday and every night! Sending you Hugs and Blessings!

Oh you don't think I am perfect...we went to a party today...and on our husband, mother and father all called to tell him to listen to me when it was time to leave the party...we have had issues in the past leaving play dates...I will say...he did great! It helps when everyone is leaving at the same time!

Friday, March 18, 2011


We had a great day today...I love at the end of the day when Julian says to me...
"DID YOU HAVE A NICE DAY MOMMY?" it melts my heart! We are all waiting for spring to really spring into action...It looks like we are getting some snow tonight and tomorrow...nothing that should leave much but still! We will see what we wake up to! Not much to report tonight...just another good day here...

Looking for a job in this economy is crazy! I am either over, under or don't qualify at all...God will provide and lead me to my next job...this I know! Hugs and Blessings!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Out with friends...

Starting out our day, reading the map, figuring out where to go first!
Polar Bears!!!

Julian the ham sneaking in the picture a pose!

On the boat

Love this tiger this tiger stood up on his back legs leaned up against the glass...Cyndi and I tried to take a picture, Cyndi's phone was full and I couldn't get my camera out in this was the second time around...

Rain forest...Julian and David running on the bridge

The crew...Julian is in the middle!

Playing with his friends
Doesn't it look like they are on a motorcycle? Julian and that darn sippy cup! How cute would that photo have been...Nat is smiling so proud to be with her buddy!
Today we went out with friends to the Zoo...I must admit...this was the first time that Julian had been there...yes at 3.5 yrs old...the first time! He loved it! Not only did he love it there, he loves his friends! We had such a great day...we walked in with our friends Cyndi and Trey and then later met up with all the other mom's in total there were 5 families...I love to set up play dates...LOVE IT! This was one of them that I the beginning I thought...oh was cold...the sun was out...but it was cold...but as we continued on with our began to warm up and turned out to be an amazing day at the ZOO!
So our day wasn't is what happened...
1: Julian fell once in the beginning
2: Cyndi pointed out that a bird POOPED on my jacket!
3:Julian fell again...and really got dirty this time
4: Julian fell off a bench and hit his head on the radiator
5:I dropped my phone in the toilet...ICK...GROSS...YUCK!!!
6: Julian was talking to Trey and walked into a pole!
So, we left the zoo with no serious injuries...just bruised egos...for mom of course! I will say I really enjoy setting up these play dates...I love to see Julian's face when everyone shows up...I hope one day he will know I did it all for HIM!
We walked for over 3 hours...on my feet...never sat could I? So tonight I am sore, and yes, out of shape...but slowly trying to get back into shape without hurting we did a ton of walking and I have an appointment to see my PT tomorrow...I feel over all pretty hamstring is very tight in my left leg, so I will be doing more stretches before I go to bed!
I know I am so bless to have wonderful parents...tonight we went to their house with Gram for St. Patrick's day was very nice...and then my mother Julian spending the night? And so, we came home childless! So tomorrow, I will be able to clean my house, do my laundry and listen to talk radio all by myself! Ahhhhh thanks mom and dad!!! Love you tons!
Sending you all many hugs and blessings!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New name for my blog...

the JOY of JULIAN!
Yes...I have a new name to the blog...My dear friend Dorothy and PT suggested it and I am running with it...Because I admire her so much, she has helped me so much...not just in PT but in being a better person and a better mother to Julian! With her help and support I am able to do so much with Julian that I NEVER dreamed I would be able to do with him!
This is one of my ALL time favorite picture of was a HOT summer day and we were at my parents house getting ready to go swimming and we went into the front yard to put the sprinkler on, and Julian started to play in it...he was having so much fun, I yelled to my mother to get the camera...and this is one that I captured...I wish it was more clear...but I think you can see the JOY of this little boy...Just playing in the sprinkler...children are amazing!
Tomorrow we are heading to the Zoo...we are going with some friends from school...he is super excited to go...and it is St. Patrick's day! So he will be in green!! I will post pictures!! Let's hope the weathermen are right about the temps! 59 they say...fingers crossed!!
Sending you many hugs and blessings!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Today we hit a high of 52 degrees!!! That is awesome for here! It is amazing what a little sun will do for your soul! Julian and I played outside...I walked up and down the driveway for about 30 mins. I wanted to get in a walk, so I figured I would do it in my own back yard...he had his bubble container and was blowing bubbles at me...laughing the whole time! I must say...he is truely a joy to be around! I am having the best time with him...that is not to say we didn't have some difficult moments when it was time when it was nap time and he pulled my hair and slapped me because he didn't want to take a nap...or when I told him NOT to throw the ball in the house and he did and it hit my favorite vase on the mantel...So my life isn't all wine and roses' although I wish is was right?

Poor Jeff came home from work...and all Julian wanted to do is talk to him and could see that Jeff wanted to Jeff did what all good daddy's do...he played and talked...and played...and now he is snoring on the couch! At one point Jeff said...Julian...let's play who can be silent the longest...I think Julian lasted 15 seconds...but if laughing counts...1 second! It was so cute! Oh...Julian told Jeff that he missed him today! I just about cried! To hear him express that is just music to my ears!!! When you have a child with delayed speech...and then they start talking it is like a blessing...but all children are blessings and everything they do! So I leave you tonight on a happy you all and come back soon!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday, Sunday...

Oh how we love our sundays at our house! We have not been going to church lately...Jeff have been working 6 days plus over time and just wants to be home on Sunday...Whic I can understand...but I do watch it on line..our church streams through the web which is great! Today we had a birthday day party to was a hockey party...we had so much fun! Julian and daddy did all the skating while mommy stood back, took pictures and had fun with the other mom's who didn't skate! What a wonderful afternoon. I was able to chat with some mom's that I never get to chat with and really enjoyed the conversation...Jeff was on Julian watch today!

I dont' think Julian will be playing in the NHL, but he tried...after 10 mins he was DONE! He was so cute and really did enjoy himself!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cute little thing...

So tonight, Julian wanted to say his he said Dear God...blah blah blah...and papa fell asleep on the couch and wouldn't play catch with me and I was sad...he said he was resting...and then he went on with the rest of the prayer...which was taking a VERY long when he ws done, I said Julian were you saying your prayers or your life story...he life story! LOL

OK Come on now!

Ok my need to leave me a comment or two...I love to blog...I love to hear what people think of my blogging...what do you want to hear more about? Please tell me...leave me a comment...My PT Dorothy who I love and adore and has worked so hard with me, always told me that I should here I am blogging once again...

Yesterday, I was looking at old videos on my Face book page, and I was shocked to see the progression of Julian's speech! I kept telling his Dr. and the old speech teacher that he was tongue tied and he kept getting ear infections...I swear they must have thought I was nuts! Crazy mom here she comes again! But I knew in my heart of hearts that there was a problem. We went to a ENT the one who worked on Jeff and the minute Julian opened his mouth...he said..."oh and he is tongue tied!" I looked at Jeff and he looked at me...and I said..."I AM NOT CRAZY!" It is absolutely amazing! Just from a year ago...he had his surgery on 3/3/10 and where he is today is amazing! I had a girlfriend years ago, who has a little girl who was tongue tied, and had surgery on it, plus I think tubes just like Julian, so I knew that this speech delay HAD to be that...from the time he was 15 months he was in Early intervention...we had a ST who was very nice, but just was not working out for Julian and she got right after his surgery she went on leave and we got a new teacher...whom we LOVE and adore! Well, between switching her and myself and the family really working with him from what we are told it looks like his speech teaching through the district is going to end in is bitter sweet for me. One because I love his teacher and two because he has progressed so well!

Now he knows his phone number and his address...I am not just saying this...but this child of mine is VERY smart. The things he retains and learns is amazing. I know children in kindergarten who don't know this stuff.

So here is a pet peeve of mine...and it seems to be on Face book mostly...Maybe it is because it took us so long to be parents...but please people...STOP complaining about your children. i don't care if your children are adopted or doesn't sound right...and to people who can't have children it drives them crazy...and if you know me well enough...I am standing on the hill all by myself saying this because no one else will! Don't get me wrong...I have posted things like..."is it bed time yet" or something of that nature...but if your child is sick, or you are at a function with your child and you are bored...please keep it to your self...sometimes it is better to know your audience...(I stole that from my Friend Marybeth!) She always says that! SO that is my rant for the day...I will post something please check back and leave a comment!!! Or just check off one of the boxes at that bottom of my post! Thank you and sending many hugs and blessings!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yummy--I LOVE IT!

Well, it is that time of year again...Faschnaut time! If you are not familiar with them they are like a donut only flatter...growing up, I can remember going to my grand mothers house and having them...but she made hers! Now I just go to the store and buy them...the one I have found to be the most similar to hers is at a store called Dash's Market...Today I treated my parents...and bought some for us as well. I have to say...I am very blessed to have my parents...They love having Julian around, so today after school, I dropped him off, and they had a pajama party...when I was picking him up, I told him to ask Nana and papa for faschnauts...well tonight he had 1/2 of one...he said to my mother...aka Nana..."I love them!" So cute. Isn't it funny how food can bring back such wonderful memories of your childhood?!

My step grandfather worked at a very private club called The Buffalo Club. Back when he worked there...they had separate entrances for men and women...I think they still do. It is a very private club, very expensive...well he use to bring home the best chicken wings and friend scallops...and pastries that were left over from that night or morning...I can still taste and smell was great waking up on a Saturday morning and having those pastries from there. They are both long gone now...but out of all the memories I have of them...those are the most fondest ones...centered around food...go figure! No really go...figure!

Now my son is building memories with his grandparents...not centered around food...but centered around love...and pajama parties!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Today I am most thankful for the friends I have found while being a mommy. Friends come and go, this I am all to aware of. But once you are a mommy things are different. You really are careful who you become friends with...will our children get along, do they have the same morals and beliefs as my husband and I. Since Julian has started school at his pre school, we have met some amazing families that I am so thankful for. I hope that we remain friends for a long time. I have made friends with some mom's in a women's bible study as well. I am so thankful that God has a plan for me and that I am listening to His plan and following it. This I am so thankful for! My friends!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 Days of Lent...

So I am going to be posting scriptures on the side of my blog every day...please say the prayer if you like...I am really looking forward to doing this and if you would like to copy it to your blog please feel free to do so! Starting tomorrow...check it out!

Tuesday Trips...

In the Spaceship with Michael
At the water table

Shelley, Michael and Julian at the water table!

Today we went to the Buffalo Museum of Science...this was the first time we had gone. I have been there many times as a kid...but never took Julian...yes, remember he was the boy in the bubble! We went with our good friends Shelley and her 2 boys Michael and Luke. We had a blast. Julian was so good, we went to the gift shop and I told him he could pick out anything he wanted...and the video below is what he picked! He played for almost 4 hours with it today when we got home...he was so excited he wanted to take a nap with it, and never took that nap because he wanted to play with it so bad! With the exception of a dinner break and one potty break...4hours of play time with it! It is a hit!!

I will say, ever since he has been potty trained...he has been a dream! There were a few fough weeks in January and February...mostly out of frustration I am sure! So proud of my baby boy!

Friday is Strong Museum...I am so looking forward to that! Fingers crossed for no sickness or snow!

Here is a video from today!
Hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!!!
See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Madness

So every Monday my parents take Julian...they pick him up from pre school and take him for the day and night...I am so thrilled he is able to spend this time with them. I/we are so lucky to have them here with us. I always dreamed of my child having the grand parents that I never had...the ones who attend everything...I never had that...and now he has that...I always prayed for that...My father...aka Papa...takes him to swimming lessons right now...and Julian loves to swim...we all do...I am so looking forward to this year and the pool. I see many pool parties with our friends and their children.

Today on my Monday Madness...I dropped off Julian, stopped by my parents house, went to PT, came home and cleaned my house, did laundry, talked to a friend who needed some support, went out with my husband on a mini date and came home and here I am blogging! What was your monday like?

We had a play date set up for tomorrow but it was I called to let my friend Shelly, and the great thing is...we changed our plans with no it is off to the Museum of Science. I am so looking forward to it. First he is getting his hair cut...then it is off to see Michael and the gang...should be a great time!

I have to say...I am so glad that I am back to blogging. It has been way to is a great release...a place to go and tell my thoughts.

As you may see I have changed my title to my is now "Our one and only!" When Jeff and started planning a family we always talked about having 2 children...then when it was taking us so long and we had six miscarriages and our son Joseph who didn't make it, we said that if God gave us ONE healthy child that we would be happy...and I AM HAPPY...Yes, it would be nice to have another child...there are days where I day dream about it...but God has a plan for US...HE knows what is in store for US. So for now Julian is OUR ONE AND ONLY and I am loving it! I love the time we spend together. He is my little buddy! OUR little buddy...and I couldn't ask for a better buddy then him! He is so sweet and has a great sense of humor...and he is the other love of my life!

This was from October on a field was so cold...but we had our little man to keep us warm!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our prayers at bedtime...

Julian being silly! He loves this picture!

Today out of the blue Julian came to me and asked if we could PRAY!!! And that is what we did!! Moments like that...I thank God and say to myself...he is getting it!!!

SO nap time and night we pray...we always thank God for the wonderful day we are having or had. We always thank him for daddy, and how hard he works for us! We always pray from Papa, Nana, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Terry, Grammy, Maggie, Bug, and Julian. We pray for our teachers and friends and their families and we always pick something that is going on that we need help potty training, leaving play date without freaking out and such. I am always the one who does the prayers. TONIGHT...Julian wanted to do them!!! So he began to do our normal prayer and he thanked God for his Bug 3 times and Nana and Papa 4 times...instead of grandma terry he just said Terry, and he said Thank you to GOD for helping him go on the potty...I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to thank God for or pray for and then the list began...he prayed for the remote, the pictures, the cross, his stuffed animals, his blankets...everything I think that was in his room...It was so hard not to laugh, because he was trying so was so sweet and cute!

This week is going to be busy! Tomorrow, Julian has school, Nana and papa's and swimming! On Tuesday he is getting his hair cut and we are going to a new play group! I am so looking forward to this group because it is all Christan mom's. Wednesday is school, Thursday is Speech and play date and Friday is school! I am going to be posting things on Craig's list and EBay...We are cleaning and throwing away so much! We love our house, but if something comes up in Amherst or my parents end up wanting to sell their house to us...we are there! I have been looking at house on line, but everything needs work and honestly, I am not going through that again! Our house has all new windows, new kitchen, 3 new is finally where I want it...I have 2 more rooms to work on and then it will be perfect! I am going to be making new curtains for my Kitchen to give it a little face lift...I am looking for a blue or green toile...I am on the hunt!

Before I go, as I was typing this blog, Julian called me to his room and asked me for 20 kisses! So of course I said YES! When I got to 19, I kissed and said 19 about 10 times...and then one big one for 20! He loved it and laughed! Everyday I feel a blessing from above. I take nothing for granted with this child of mine!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Isn't God great!!!

When you have children you never know what life will be like for them...Julian was very delayed in his speech...I knew that he was delayed...I fought with our doctors and finally took it into my own hands! He had already been receiving speech for almost a year at that point...after tube and loosening his tounge...he spoke! Now a year later our speech teacher told me today that she think Julian can stop receiving speech in June!!! Wow...I can't tell you how I have prayed for him...I really feel like his teacher has done amazing things with him...she came to us just after his was like God sent her to us! And I am so happy he did...Julian and I talk all the time in the car...we hold conversations!!!! I know to some of you this doesn't seem like much, but to me it is everything! To hear his voice all the time is such a blessing! I never tell him to stop away may babe, talk away!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Changing again and Our dog Eugene...

First are new pictures of our family room! I have changed the window treatments! We just love the color. We have a new picture above the was a nice sunny day when I took these pictures...they are more burgandy...

We have had him for just over 9 years...he just turned 11 years old. He hasn't been feeling himself so we took him to the vet's and he has some disc issues in his neck. So we will see what happens from here. Right now we have him on meds to help with the pain...he is sound asleep on our will be a very sad day in our home when God calls him to the Rainbow bridge. But for now, we don't want to think that...We just ask God to watch over him and heal our dog and make him comfortable!