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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Trips...

In the Spaceship with Michael
At the water table

Shelley, Michael and Julian at the water table!

Today we went to the Buffalo Museum of Science...this was the first time we had gone. I have been there many times as a kid...but never took Julian...yes, remember he was the boy in the bubble! We went with our good friends Shelley and her 2 boys Michael and Luke. We had a blast. Julian was so good, we went to the gift shop and I told him he could pick out anything he wanted...and the video below is what he picked! He played for almost 4 hours with it today when we got home...he was so excited he wanted to take a nap with it, and never took that nap because he wanted to play with it so bad! With the exception of a dinner break and one potty break...4hours of play time with it! It is a hit!!

I will say, ever since he has been potty trained...he has been a dream! There were a few fough weeks in January and February...mostly out of frustration I am sure! So proud of my baby boy!

Friday is Strong Museum...I am so looking forward to that! Fingers crossed for no sickness or snow!

Here is a video from today!
Hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!!!
See you tomorrow!

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