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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's with Madeline?

Julian and Gram on our first Mother's Day

So I was thinking of starting a little blogging series called Monday's with Madeline...that is my mother's mother. She is 88 years young! Brief history of my grandmother and I...We have never been real close but I love her...with all her faults that I look over, she still is my grandmother! She was doing really well until my brother and his wife had her over their house and she fell on the stairs and has never been the same since. So since we don't want her to go into a nursing home, mom was able to pull a few strings...and we were able to get her a ground floor apartment in the same building where she lives! PERFECT! Well, my mother and I have been spending our Monday mornings with Madeline.
The good, the bad and the ugly is what this experience has been! Finding old things that belonged to my great grandparents has been great...going though all the clothes that this woman has...not so great!She has a sweater for every day of the year...and I am not lieing! Today was a sad day for us all...I had to take her cat who was 20 years, to the Vet to put her to sleep...she had her for just over 2 years, she was a rescue cat from a client of my mothers. She was very sweet...but very old and sick. So I had to take her to the vets. I was once again in my grandmother's eyes the bad child!

I didn't think I was going to cry...I didn't know this cat, had now ties to her...I am NOT a cat person...but I did cry...alot...far more then I thought I would. Then I began to think of the conversations I have been having with my grandmother as I am tossing out 1980 sweaters with the color know the ones...big shoulders, big bright color she is saying to me that "these closes are all I have!" I started to feel sorry for sad that she views her clothes has her only possessions. Or the only thing that makes her feel good. She has always been very vain and always cared how she looked...and at 88 she is still the same! 19 wigs she has! 19!!! Who has 19 wigs...she has ones for dress up and ones for casual attire! WHO DOES THIS? SHE DOES! And that is who she is! Love it or leave it! So I guess I will be more tolerant of her since she is old and this is all she has left in her life. So once we get her set up in her new apartment...Julian and I are going to do MONDAY MORNINGS WITH MADELINE. She loves and adores him...and he why not do wonderful is it that she is able to have her great grandson with her and he is able to have this time with his great grandmother. So sometime in April I will start that.

I know it sounds like I am hard on her...I am...I will admit to it...but I do love son loves how could I not love her!

Have a great night...Hugs and Blessings!


thisoneisoriginal said...

How very sad about the cat. Can she get another one?
I am sure any time you spend with your Grandma will be much appreciated even if it may be challenging at times.

Amy said...

I love what you wrote about your Grandma. Cherish every moment you have with her. I just lost my Grandma this past weekend...she was 92 years young! You inspire me to maybe start blogging about my Grandma, but the pain is so fresh still. My visit this past weekend was suppose to be a quiet, relaxing weekend with Grandma that turned into her passing away 3 hours after I got to her home in PA. She waited for me...I believe in the power of God!