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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our prayers at bedtime...

Julian being silly! He loves this picture!

Today out of the blue Julian came to me and asked if we could PRAY!!! And that is what we did!! Moments like that...I thank God and say to myself...he is getting it!!!

SO nap time and night we pray...we always thank God for the wonderful day we are having or had. We always thank him for daddy, and how hard he works for us! We always pray from Papa, Nana, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Terry, Grammy, Maggie, Bug, and Julian. We pray for our teachers and friends and their families and we always pick something that is going on that we need help potty training, leaving play date without freaking out and such. I am always the one who does the prayers. TONIGHT...Julian wanted to do them!!! So he began to do our normal prayer and he thanked God for his Bug 3 times and Nana and Papa 4 times...instead of grandma terry he just said Terry, and he said Thank you to GOD for helping him go on the potty...I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to thank God for or pray for and then the list began...he prayed for the remote, the pictures, the cross, his stuffed animals, his blankets...everything I think that was in his room...It was so hard not to laugh, because he was trying so was so sweet and cute!

This week is going to be busy! Tomorrow, Julian has school, Nana and papa's and swimming! On Tuesday he is getting his hair cut and we are going to a new play group! I am so looking forward to this group because it is all Christan mom's. Wednesday is school, Thursday is Speech and play date and Friday is school! I am going to be posting things on Craig's list and EBay...We are cleaning and throwing away so much! We love our house, but if something comes up in Amherst or my parents end up wanting to sell their house to us...we are there! I have been looking at house on line, but everything needs work and honestly, I am not going through that again! Our house has all new windows, new kitchen, 3 new is finally where I want it...I have 2 more rooms to work on and then it will be perfect! I am going to be making new curtains for my Kitchen to give it a little face lift...I am looking for a blue or green toile...I am on the hunt!

Before I go, as I was typing this blog, Julian called me to his room and asked me for 20 kisses! So of course I said YES! When I got to 19, I kissed and said 19 about 10 times...and then one big one for 20! He loved it and laughed! Everyday I feel a blessing from above. I take nothing for granted with this child of mine!

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Mercy's Mama said...

try the cheektowaga walmart for fabri- all the other walmarts got rid of their bolts of fabric and they have the leftovers. you might find some toile for less.