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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something you may not know...


I was a very active member of the Amherst Garden Club...I held several positions on the board and was ready to be president when Julian was born so I had to decline. I was also on the District 8 board, part of the NYS Garden Clubs. It was a part of my life I really enjoyed! I met so many nice ladies...I was the youngest by many years...I was the age of some of their grandchildren, and I learned so much from them. This past week we lost one of our members. Mom and I went to the furneral, the sad thing was, we were the ONLY members from Garden club who attened. And to be honest with you...I am not even a current member. My mother is past president and I am past 1st vice we felt it was the right thing to do...We seem to do that alot! Her daughter is an only child...and if you know anything about what is the current situation in our family, I too am an only I looked at her and thought...that is going to be me, when my mother dies, and that is going to be Julian when we die. We are very content having an only child...God gave us this amazing gift, so who am I to ask for another gift? But it got me thinking...what will she do now that her mother is gone? She was extermemly close to her mother, like I am to mine. I felt bad for her...I didn't see any of her friends and she has no children. I made it a point to tell her we would do coffee in the next week...and I am going to stick to that promise. Even if it is once a month...I feel like it is somethign I should do. So that is my tangent...on to the rest of my blog...

I still enjoy gardening...I have some winter plants in our garden called HELLEBORUS.

The wonderful thing about this plant is that it blooms in the winter, so it is perfect for our zone. My white ones are already in bloom, but my pink ones are on their way! Today we woke up to snow...just a dusting but still! My Garden is screaming for me! Since I have a bad back I have to pace myself...a little here and a little there. Everyday, I am going to get Julian and we are going to weed. My parents also have a love for I know he will be doing gardening there as well!
I love my OAKLEAF HIDRANGA it is in the corner of our front garden next to the has more then enough room to the spring and summer the leaves are big and green, toward the end of July/early August they begin to turn a nice red shade...the fall they are amazing! So that is my little lesson on my garden! Sending Hugs and Blessings!

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