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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Thursday, March 24, 2011

FAKE BASEBALL TEAM and my laptop is hyjacked!!

Blowing Bubbles the other day...
Being silly with mommy's crocs on...which I no longer wear!
Our craft cabinet...I have an entire room in the basement that was a dark room from the previous owners, I will post pictures of that soon!

Julian playing in the I could get some stuff done...
Maybe I should have straightened up a bit before taking these pictures...but this shows you I am not perfect!

So I have been MIA because I normally write my blog at night...but my husband has a fantasy baseball team pick is on I have to write this one during the day...which I don't normally like to take my time away from Julian...One of the things when you have an only child is YOU are their playmate...which I don't mind one bit...but when you have chores to we have been working on independent is a challenge but it one worth working on.
Julian has had a nasty cold...thankfully there was no fever with this one...he normally gets a high fever one night and then he is better...this cold has been lingering he has missed school on Weds. and I am thinking of keeping him home tomorrow aw well. So we have had to be creative in what we are know when they are sick they become Klingon's...which is fine, but limits your I found myself changing bed linens and cleaning last night once he went to bed.

I find myself yelling more today then other days...I haven't been sleeping well...I had a dream the other night that the plaza near us was on fire, and I was trying to get Julian and the dogs out of the house all at the same time and I was having was rough, so I have been trying to think of plans on how to get out fast! So that has been keeping my mind racing!
I loved that some of you are leaving comments on here...Please keep them coming! On the cat note...Gram can't get another cat...she is just getting to old...those were her I guess she is no longer a pet owner. That is why I will be going over there on Monday's with Julian...that will keep her going...knowing he will be over once a week!
As always thanks for stopping by and I am always sending you hugs and blessings!!

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