My daily prayer...

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Thursday, November 29, 2007

When they placed you in my arms and I looked into your face, I felt our hearts melt into one ~ a miracle took place.My prayer was finally answered, though delayed, 'twas not denied ~ the pain of love unanswered, in a moment's time subsides. God's plan seemed hard to understand. The circle's now complete. He placed the heavens in my arms, so precious and so sweet. Though you grew within another, my soul and yours were one. We united in God's loving heart before life had begun. I received a priceless treasure ~ this adopted child I love.....a gift of joy and happiness to me from God above. Author Unknown


Hello Friends!! Sorry it has been a few days! Life got in the way! I sit here at my dining room table with my son next to me in his blue bouncey (thanks Michelle...he is almost out of it...yikes!) He has on his snowman sleeper and he is babbling up a storm. I love the mornings...maybe my favorite time of the day. Today he woke up at 7am and I fed him and put him back in his crib. After he played a bit, he fell back to sleep and woke up at 8:20am. He wakes up happy everytime. I missed him so I went in at the first sound. Normally I would let him talk a bit...he really enjoys his crib! He is making new sounds everyday! I think he will be rolling over in the next few days or week!

We went with Nanna to get our picture taken for Christmas and well...he really didn't smile but he sure did spit up! Good thing a brought a few outfits! As soon as we were done, he took a nap and then was so happy and smiling. We walked through the mall and saw the Bears and lights and listened to the music. I must admit...I hate the mall! But it was nice to spend the day with mom and Julian!

Our house is decorated for the holidays and today is a crapy day so we are just going to stay home, bond, play and take a few naps...we hope! So what I am saying is...Life couldn't get better then this could it?

Monday, November 26, 2007

I have relized something...

I am a bad blogging friend! I post all the time and haven't had a chance to catch up on my friend's blogs. So tonight, I have. I have lurked and did post some...but I am finally caught up!

We had a fun weekend. Since I quit my job, I am a SAHM for 2 weeks. I will be starting my new job as of December 10, 2007. I love that I am able to work from home and get a break from home and go to the office. I only wish I could have Julian with me everyday! But I will have 4 days home with him in a row. So I think life is going to be good! My manager is a really nice guy that I have known for 16 years. I am excited to start there.I am suprised at how many people I know there. I will post my personal website soon! So if you need a mortgage or know of someone who needs one...let me know! THe only down side is I have to go to Boston for 4 days, 3 nights...I know I will miss my boys! Julian sleeps thought the night so it is not that I am lack in the sleep department. I am bless to have a 3.5 month old baby that sleeps through the night!

Julian has discovered his toes! And I saw it for the first time when he found them! It was so darn cute. For the last few days I have been really playing with his feet. Kissing, smelling, biting and tickling them. Well today he was in his swing and all of a sudden he looked down and moved his foot and his eyes got so big...then he moved them again and he laughed. It was so cute...of course, I started to cry! What a blessing to have seen that! He is putting his hands in his mouth more and squelling more. He was a bit cranky this weekend.....I think his gums are bothering I have been rubbing them and showing him how to put things in his mouth so he can bite down on the. Preferably not the ones from China! UGH!

Tomorrow is our big picture day! Mom and I are taking him to get some holiday pictures done then we are going to go to the Mall and then lunch. It should be a nice day! Hugs to all of you!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

37 Years old...

This outfit is 37 years old. It was my brothers when he was small. My parents adopted my brother when he was 4 months old. That was February of 1970, so I am sure this was for the summer. I am not sure how much Damon weighed, but I know that Julian could only wear this for a short time, then I had to take it off of is a wee bit small on him. But would you look at those chubby thighs!!!

Recently Julian loves to have his toes kissed. He laughs and is so cute! Today we are trying to do a christmas photo shoot with him. We got some decent pictures but we are headed to JCPenny's on Tuesday. Should be fun! Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting ready to go to Nana's Nana loves her Julian!
Julian and Nonni
Uncle Damon and Julian
Mommy, Daddy and Julian

Sorry for not posting the last few days...We were getting ready for Thanksgiving and decorating the house for Christmas. We wne to my parents house. We have alot to be thankful for this year. Julian has arrived, our family is now complete. No more childless holidays. Here are some pictures of our day!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Know...I know...


I missed Saturday's post. Sorry about that! We had a busy day. We went to see Nanna and Pappa and then we had the car washed (so Julian could get a good nap) then we went to Springville to pickup formula and then we came home, ate dinner and fell asleep. Hence the pictures. They were both snoring away...I just had to take a picture of them. They both had a very long day!

We bought two toys for the dogs and Eugene ate most of the one toy...then at 4 am woke us up with vometing...nice! Julian slept till 7am! We went to church...want a great service! Giving thanks to God...what an awesome god!

I am awaiting a job offer on I am giving notice to my current job and taking it easy for December...doing so work but not much...spending time with Julian and working on Jeff's website for the Cookie Hospital...I will keep you all posted!

Don't forget to listen Star 102.5 FM...all christmas songs...Praise God! It is Sunday...AMEN!

Friday, November 16, 2007

14 weeks and he is...

Falling today's photo shoot went like this...

This was the first picture of the day
Looking good...
Starting to lean....
I felt so bad...I was laughing so hard...he was not happy with me. Hope you enjoy this weeks pictures. Next weeks picture I have been thinking about for a long will have to wait and see!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is wrong with me...

I think I am losing it! Today I was on the phone with AT & T about our cell phone bill and the rep was so nice and did me a favor that I almost started to cry when I said "have a nice Holiday" WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I am crying to a customer service rep! It must be because my period! Yeah let's blame it on that! Holy cow! I am a mess! Hugs to all!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday time...and question about sick kids

Every year I get sad around this time of the year. I always did. Even before I was married...before we TTC and IUI and our Little Joe. I am not sure why. But this year is different...I am getting so excited to see Julian with the lights and the paper...what a joy it is going to be!

So I hate crowds. And now that the weather is changing...I don't want to take him out to many places because of germs. Now I am not going to be one of those mothers who doesn't want her kid to sick, but at 3 months...come on...I DON"T want him to be sick yet! Is that so wrong? I don't want to do play groups either yet...oh boy here I go...sounding like one of those mom's! So...if you are a reader of this blog or a lurker...please post and let me know the earliest it was that your child got sick. I just want him to be healthy but I know that he needs to get sick to be healthy...does that make sense?

Well...I did the background check for the new job...just waiting for it to come back and then I should be offered the job! keep your fingers crossed and prayers coming our way. Hugs!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Opportunity...

When one door closes another one opens...My job interview went really well today. I should know more at the end of the week to early next week. I will keep you all posted!

Julian has had 2 wonderful days! Everyday is wonderful with him but some days he is happier then others. His spitting up is mostly gone formula! He is laughing and smiling more and more each day and the sounds he is making sometimes catches him off is really funny! He is napping much better during the day and that makes everyone's life so much better!

Jeff said tonight..."I love being a dad" I am so glad to hear those words. It brought a tear to my eyes...he is such a great dad and you can see it in his eyes...he loves his son!

Have a great night! God Bless

Monday, November 12, 2007


I have been wondering if I was borning my lurkers and active on lookers. The last few posts I have not had one comment...are my topics too borning? Is it that I have been lurking on your blog and haven't posted therefore, you just lurk on mine? If so...fair enough! I know I do have to get better! This post might be deep...let's see where it takes me!

Do you ever sit in a dark room that is very quite except your breathing and maybe someone else's breathing? Maybe DH or DS/DD? Well last night after I fed Julian, Jeff fell alseep and so did Julian ( I was holding Julian) and I was listening to them breathe...oh yeah...Eugene and Libby too...and i thought to did i get here? Right here in this be surrounded by the man you love, the baby you adore and the dogs you cherish. I think back to what my father said at the end of Septemeber and he said "Remember the was the summer of Julian" We were matched on May 31...the begining of the summer...well not on the calender but you know what I mean. All summer long we waited, and waited. We swam at mom and dad's house almost ever day, had dinner and toward the end of July...we kept saying...this could be the last swim with a baby... but it wasn't...mus to our dismay. Finally he arrived in the begining of August. We had him at the pool almost every day from the time he came home to the time we closed it.

So I was trying to figure out if I remembered the time before we had Julian. Jeff feels like he has been with us forever. Everyone says...oh you will forget about the waiting...YOU NEVER FORGET ABOUT THE WAITING! All those feelings never go away...the anxiety...the waiting has only changed to...waiting for him to roll over, or cut his first tooth. I don't want to wish this time away...I wish we could keep him little forever.

I was at a sales seminar this morning and someone asked where I had been and I told them that I changed jobs, but was looking to get back into the mortgage this week...and I said...that we just had a baby. They were all shocked...the comments went flying..."I didn't know you were was the you have pictures of him... he looks just like your husband." I just respond and say thank you... Most people don't realize he is adopted. And i don't want to start out ever conversation with son is adopted...or should I? Does it really matter...he is our son. I know that there are first moms/birth mom's who read my blog and in no way am I trying to deminish the fact that he is adopted. He is our baby and we are so proud of him and to have him in our family. But he does look like my husband!

Once people find out he is adopted they have a million questions...Where did you "GET" him from? First of all...he is ADOPTED PEOPLE! We didn't GET him anywhere. Then they start asking questions like...did you meet the birth mom, what was she like...wheren't you scared she would back she going to see him as he gets older...aren't you scared she is going to want to "TAKE" him back...and so on. Well I always answer with a smile on my face.

So that is my post for the day...I told you it was going to be deep. Well...maybe it will make you think, maybe it will make you mad...or maybe you will agree with what I have said. So I thank you for reading my blog and continuing to come back!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


So we had date night again. We are so lucky to have my parents to take the baby over night so we can do date night once a month. We went the Movies and for Dinner. For dinner we went to LeMetro in was really nice. Julian did great at Nanna and Papa's...of course...he always does!

Today we went to Church...great service! Check it out at It was amazing. It was all about trusting in him...isn't that what I always say? TRUST IN HIM? I felt like he was talking about me. Wanting to have control over the adoption process and finally turning it over to god. You have to TRUST everything you do. I will post more later this week.

Finally we went to Lewiston today. Picked up Julian after church and went for a nice long fall drive...our favorite thing to do. Julian was so good...cooing and playing and sleeping...then good! So that was our weekend. Jeff has off tomorrow, but I don't. I do have a 2nd interview for a job I am trying to get, which will give me more free time to spend with Julian, but still making decent money. Please pray my interview goes well! Hugs to all!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Long Weekends...

I love them...I really love them with Jeff has a true 3 day weekend! Plus it is DATE NIGHT weekend!!! Last night we had bible study so my MIL came over to watch Julian. I set this up with her so she would have a standing date with her grandson...and they both love it. We were getting ready to leave and Julian started to laugh so hard and make sounds he has never made of course I had to get the video camera out and tape it. It was the cutest thing!

Today we are going on a car ride to the southertier and then we will drop Julian off at Nanna and Papa's house for his over night. Jeff and I are going to and early movie and dinner. I feel that it is so important to have this monthly date is like we are dating all over again...remember when you would look forward to your date with your husband...what will I wear...where are we gonna go...I just love it and so does he!

On Sunday we are going to go to church. We have been on a little break since Julian was born,but we are ready to go back. Our church has this amazing section for kids and the nursery is wonderful. It is quite and dimmly lit, with rocking chairs and soft music...Kinda makes you want to stay there with him. But we won't.

So that is the plan for the weekend. It might might not. We may just come home and skip the movie and dinner...who knows...all I know is I have date night with my beloved!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Updated pictures...

So...what do you think about our son? I think he is adorable!
He is 3 months now...oh boy...look out!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

3 months old today!

This was him, 2 days after he was born...the day we brought him home
This is him at his dedication...a week ago.

I never thought I would feel so complete. My husband and I are best friends, lovers, soul mates...I use to think that I could go through life, not having children and enjoying my friends kids. I had one friend who use to say "We're almost there" that was when her children were small. Once her youngest became independent they were there? I don't want to be there...and are you ever really there...and oh BTW where is there? I think when people have an easy time conceiving their children they take them for granted. They take the whole process of becoming a family and remaining a family for granted. For adoptive totally different. I had a friend email me and tell me that it wasn't her fault that we couldn't have children. WHAT? who ever said I blamed anyone for what has happened to us. I was just unlucky that at the child I have now! I couldn't have asked for any other child then him! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect child with wonderful DNA and a birth family that I thankful for. It wasn't and easy can follow our journey to Julian at my other blog

The last 3 months have been the most wonderful time that Jeff and I have had together. We have always been in a wonderful marriage and really didn't need children to complete it but man it sure does help! Last night Jeff was reading Julian a book...Julian was following his voice and looking at the book. What a wonderful moment! I will always treasure that. We have a great routine down for the evening and things flow so well. Jeff and I are on the same page with everything. I was feeding Julian his cereal last night and he kept looking at something, so Jeff took him so he would face me. Well I started to feed him again and all he was doing was laughing (Julian) Which made us laugh too. We both had tears in our eyes. Then it came time for his favorite time of the day...his last bottle. He normally snuggles in and settles right down...but for some reason last night he wanted to play. He kept laughing and cooing, smiling and a nuzzle. I called Jeff upstairs and we just played and enjoyed our son. These are the moments to treasure. Not counting down to when you are "almost there"

3 months ago, today, not only did my life change forever but so did another family's life. Julian's birth family. That is a day I will never forget. When our attorney called that day...I was vacuuming the hallway you may remember I did alot of cleaning in July and August...I remember Jeff yelling up the stairs telling me that our attorney was on the phone...30 seconds later we were told together that Julian was born. We were to go to see in the morning. Did we sleep that night...I can't remember. We called all of our family and closest friends to share the news...our life would never be the same. During this time, we have made new friends, lost friends and reconnected with Jeff's cousin and an old friend from high school. Our relationship with God has become closer then ever before. I lean on God more now then ever. When I need to talk to someone, I talk to him. I am not one for Phony believers...that doesn't help anyone. SO if you are going to be a a true believer. OK..this is getting very heavy now... have a great day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Life isn't always easy!

I come to realize that! God gives us challenges that we have to over come everyday...all the is just a matter of us noticing them or not. I have learned not to take things for granted. I use to work at this broker shop and I always heard about this one loan officer...everyone always spoke so highly of her. Then when I made the worst career move of my life, I got to meet her. She is the nicest person I have met in a long time! I am in the process of networking for a new job. Back to the mortgage anyway...she has been putting feelers out there for me and I have something in the I will let everyone know.

I didn't struggle through IF, TTC and adoption to have him away from me 8 hours a day. Granted I am lucky that my parents are able to watch him 3 days a week, but I want my baby with me, as much as possible! So pray for me...Thursday at 3:30pm!!!! I need to be with my baby with flexable hours and decent pay! Pray sisters pray!!! Life is never easy...but we have to make the best of it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

2 things...

Hi all...I need prayers to go out...A friend of mine is being profiled for a baby and we need some big time prayers! Please pray that the best thing happens for all involved. Pray for all to have the strength during this process.

Second...when doing your christmas cards please add this one to you list...
A Recovering American soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
Washington,D..C. 20307-5001
Wouldn't it be nice for our children to send a card to them, thanking them for their service? I think i am going to send a card today so that someone might get it by Veterans Day.

Why I love WNY!

Ok, so I was driving to an appointment this morning. As I was leaving the Northtowns it was bright and sunny, but in the distance you could see the dark clouds...we call them the Lake Effect clouds. If you are not from around here, Lake effect snow is never good. When the Lake (Erie or Ontario) is warm above 32 degrees and a strom rolls are bound to get way more snow then if the lake was frozen over (normally in January it is frozen over) but between November and December look out! Ok, so on with my story...I was on the thruway and as I got closer to Main Street, then The Galleria Mall got really crappy out! Sleet and snow...road were covered quickly...within 4 mins the weather changes! I love it here! People ask why we stay in Western New is so beautiful here! The changes in the weather is the best! It is sweater season! I can't wait for Julian to experience the snow! Next winter he will ready to play in it! So that is why I love WNY!

***** RECALL NOTICE: So I went to BRU to look for the Bebe Pod Baby Seat...and I was told that they have been recalled until a warning label has been up on the back telling parents not to leave your children un attended on a table top. HELLO!!! We need a label for that? Oh well...still looking for one! If you have one, can I borrow it?

I am really sick of my job...if you know anyone looking for full time flexable sales person let me know! I hate liars...don't hire me and tell me one thing and then when I am here change things around...not cool! Hugs

Monday, November 5, 2007

A post everyday? Hummm

Ok...I am going to try this! My friend OHN is doing this on her blog, so I thought I would do the same. A post everyday for the month of Novemeber. Ok...well I missed November 1st so i will carry it over to December 1st. So here goes... Here is my daily rant!

1. Could I get anymore politicial mail???? That is the question! Who's money are they spending anyway?? If I see one more I am going to scream! I want something other then "VOTE FOR ME" in my mail box!
2. So, I called our birth mom "A" 2 weeks ago to wish her a happy birthday. Our agreement is to send letters and photos, every month for the 1st year and then 2twice a year after that. I sent her pictures in September...I heard nothing! Not even a phone call commenting on how cute he is. I mailed out photos again last month...still haven't heard anything. I have very mixed emotions about this. Do I care more about her then she does about us? Does she know that I think of her almost daily and wonder how things are going with her? I just thought she would have called...I guess I was wrong. Well I am doing everything that I should.
3. Do you pray with your children? I do...everyday on the way to my mothers, I pray with Julian. He doesn't know it yet...He thinks I am just talking to him. I pray for everyone we know, about their situation, if they are still waiting for the call to come, if they are matched and hoping for all to go well and I pray for "A" daily. I also pray for my FIL and that he gets with it at somepoint in his life and DOES THE RIGHT THING!
4. And last...I think I have a gripe with work! They are not going to be closed on Veteran's day! How can this be? We are a paper for Seniors! The majoriaty of Seniors are Veterans right? Don't you think we should honor them?
Have a great day!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I love Saturday's!

Does he look bored with all these pictures or what?
Full tummy right after dinner...
So every Saturday, I wake up before Julian and do my cores...I make sure everything is done, so my time is devoted to him...all day! Today...I am sick...I have had a sinus infection for a few days, so today I was a bit slugish. We spent the day together...laughing, cooing, smiling and favorite! But I had to get a few pictures of him today. I try to take a picture in the same spot every week. But since he is getting so big...I now have had to change position!So here they are...hope you enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

What has happened in 12 weeks

it seems like a giant blurr! I just looked back at my old blog...I couldn't help but cry at one of the posts. Here it is:

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Does he see...
the light at the end of the tunnel? I want to ask him that! Come on baby...Mommy and Daddy are waiting for you! Nana and Papa, Grandma Terry, Nonni and Uncle Damon are all ready. So are all your little friends and their mommy's and daddy's. Does he know we are here? Does he know what we have planned for him? Does he know how mommy cries at night longing to hold him? If he did, I think he would be here already. So If he can hear me, or if someone could tell him...we are waiting for you.

Wow...I think back to that was the day he was was written at 8:36am and he arrived into this wonderful world at 2:06pm. I had no idea that "A" was even in labor...I don't think she really knew either....10 mins of labor!

We were at the bank today and 4 people came up to us and commented on how lucky we are to have such a good baby. I think we are so lucky! He was so good. We were there for about an hour...what a champ! I just wanted to share that with you.

When you want to give up hope...don't it will in him!

Spitting up and more spitting up!

Hi all...well I took Julian to the Doctor's today. I was concerned about his spitting up. But once I got there the Dr. assured me that everything is fine! Baby's spit up...that is what they do. So she suggested we change formula and keep doing the great job we are doing! I had him weighed and he is a grand total of 15 lbs and 2 oz! 24 and a half inches long! She is really pleased with his progress. He is in the 70% range. So we are feeling much better about it now. Let's hope the new formula reduces the spitting up!