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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday time...and question about sick kids

Every year I get sad around this time of the year. I always did. Even before I was married...before we TTC and IUI and our Little Joe. I am not sure why. But this year is different...I am getting so excited to see Julian with the lights and the paper...what a joy it is going to be!

So I hate crowds. And now that the weather is changing...I don't want to take him out to many places because of germs. Now I am not going to be one of those mothers who doesn't want her kid to sick, but at 3 months...come on...I DON"T want him to be sick yet! Is that so wrong? I don't want to do play groups either yet...oh boy here I go...sounding like one of those mom's! So...if you are a reader of this blog or a lurker...please post and let me know the earliest it was that your child got sick. I just want him to be healthy but I know that he needs to get sick to be healthy...does that make sense?

Well...I did the background check for the new job...just waiting for it to come back and then I should be offered the job! keep your fingers crossed and prayers coming our way. Hugs!


Life with my BOYS! said...

Jake was 4 Feb. he had RSV...scary, yes but we got through it! Now knock on wood Elijah hasn't really been sick...he was born apr. 22 and really had no visitors or outings until June...but he was a preemie and YES i was neurotic!!! do what you feel is best and yes, i am a daily lurker!

wsweden said...

I have to tell you it doesn't get better. In fact, I think I am worse. As soon as he gets home from school I start in with the reminders about washing hands. We went to a fast food restaurant the other day to eat and I couldn't get passed how filthy the seats and walls were. Of course we have already taught him the tricks to using a public bathroom! I have become a germ-a-phobe!
Keep posting. I love to read your blog. I just don't always have something to say in return.

Michelle said...

Aidan started daycare at 3 months old on a Wednesday. By Friday he had his 1st cold :(

He's had numerous colds since then, but thankfully nothing serious. On the bright side, I hear being exposed to germs now will boost his immune system. I hope by the time he goes to school, he won't have so many colds.