My daily prayer...

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Pictures...

So, I took this picture of Julian the other day and when I looked back I noticed his little friends behind him...telling him secrets! LOL

Where did my little boy go??? Look at that chubby baby!!! He is so darn cute...I love this kid

I am blessed...

In so many ways. Today Jeff and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. 7 years...It is hard to believe it has been that long...or feels like forever. When I married him I married my best friend. Through those 7 years we have experienced more then most couple will in a life time. But I wouldn't...wouldn't change a thing...not one thing! Some people have children to fill something in their marriage...that was never it for us. We just wanted to be parents. From the first time we met we talked about children. Today we are droping the baby off at my parents to watch him over night while we go out to dinner and just enjoy each other. I will miss my little prince so much...but it will be less then 24 hours. I am blessed to have parents who are so hands on as grandparents. They jumped at the chance to watch him over night. I never take them for granted...I am blessed to have parents like them!

Friday, September 28, 2007

His first professional pictures...

I love this one!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Humor me...

Our baby is laughing! I can't believe it! He is so darn cute...did you ever notice that when your baby smiles and laughs so do you? It is just the cutest thing I have ever seen! GOD IS GREAT!!! Thank you for this wonderful blessing before us! Amen!

7 weeks gone by

Where has the time gone? I look at Julian and I wonder where the time has I made this to show the difference of the little prince.

7 weeks gone by
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

He is ours..all ours!!!

Well it is over...(the SW will be over on the 10th of October to finish paperwork...but he is ours) Here are pictures from our big day! These pictures aren't the father has better ones. So who was there...My parents, My brother, My grandmother, Jeff's mom, his BIL and nephew, and our best friends Katie and Patrick. What a great day it was. It was 85 degrees and it was HOT!!! I hate it when it is this hot this time of the year...YUCK!!! Anyway! Here are the pictures...enjoy!!!

Three Generations of Moms

<---------------The Three Grandmothers

The big day!

Well today is the day we go to court! He will be 7 weeks tomorrow and things are moving so fast. Once we go to court and our social worker comes over it will be final! So we figure about 2-3 more weeks! But this is a big day for us as a family. Mom and dad, Uncle Damon, Great Granny, Grandma Terry, Uncle Dave and cousin Connor, Aunt Katie and Uncle Patrick will all be there for this very special day! I will post pictures later!

On the sleeping front...are you ready for this??? He slept for 8 hours straight! from 9 till 5 am! That is through the night for me! Yeah!!!! So that is the big news for the day. We will see if it happens again! Hugs to all!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeah...I found it!!!

This is him and his play gym...he likes it...notice Eugene eyeing the hanging toys! are some recent pictures...Jeff took the date stamp off so I am not sure of the exact date. I have to put it back on!

I think this one was on before but I love it!!!

This was after his bath, while daddy was holding him

<<<<<--------Ok so Saturday we went to the Dr.'s to get his tounge checked out...they weighed him and he is up to 12 lbs 2 oz. I have a little chuck on my hands...and my back is feeling it! When did this happen...over night I think!!! you really can't see it well, but this is his first Yankee shirt. Daddy is a huge fan...he was a fan of the Yankee's before it was cool to be a fan. So when I was putting on the shirt I noticed that there was a number and a name on the back...It is Jonnie Damon number and name. Well, Jeff really doesn't like him, so I had to laugh when Jeff came home and saw it on it. The neat thing is Julian's Uncle, is named Damon...I thought that was a sign.
So that is it for now. We had his pictures done at JC Penney on Sunday. The pictures turned out great for a 6 week old baby who was sleeping when we got there and then had to wait 20 mins before they took us in. UGH!!!! He was such a good boy. He slept for 7 hours last night!!! Mommy feels great today!!! Love this baby so much!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Please pray for my friend...

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a quick post from my friend. I am asking for some prayers. She is waiting for her daughter to get out of PGN. She is adopting we need some prays that she get's out of PGN fast!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Many days have past...

and all I can think about is how happy I am. I can't ever remember being this happy. Even when Jeff and I were dating and planning on our marriage...I was happy, but this is a different type of happy. Our consent hearing is on Tuesday and I am so excited. Our birth parents have already signed everything, so that is not looming over our head. As you know my brother was adopted, and my parents have this picture of them on the day of their adoption day...they look so young and scared. I want the same picture taken of Jeff, I and the baby. Only we will look older and not so scared. My parents were in their early 20's...very early 20's and this was back in 1970. Wow were things different...but not so different. Our social worker was over last week and she asked us how we would handle certain situations...I looked at her and said they way I have always handled "certain situations" I told her this is the norm for me. When I was born into my family, my brother was already part of the family, so having a bi racial child in my life is normal. I think now looking back, would having a full CC baby be normal for me? Most likely not. I remember walking with my mother hand in hand...I was little maybe 8 and I told her, I am going to adopt a baby when I grow up....I think we should make it a tradition! I was 8! Who would have thought that 24 years later, I would have a beautiful adopted son!

When I was holding him last night, I was thinking...this is what life is all about...being home with my 2 loves of my life...and my two dogs! I had such a rush go through my body. I looked at Jeff and of course...tears were running down my face...he laughs at me. I use to cry because we didn't have children...Now I cry because we do...poor guy...can't get rid of that crying wife!

Last night JP slept from 9:45pm till 4:00am then he ate fell back asleep till 8am and as of 11:30am he was still sleeping! I think our boy is growing!!! We are taking him to JC Penneys today for pictures...I hope it works out. He is such a beautiful baby, that sometimes the picutres don't do him justice. We are increasing his bottle size from 5oz to 6oz now...he is still hungry when he finishes his bottle. So we will see

I will put updated pictures on soon. I can't find my adaptor for my camera...ugh!!! SO bear with me! Hugs to all!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ok...yesterday was JP's 6 week birthday! I have been so tired this week...not sure why...maybe I am coming down with something. I have pictures of him from last night but I forgot to bring my adaptor to work. So It will have to wait till tonight. Sorry!

Last night cracked me he woke up at 2:45pm (and hour earlier then the normal time) So I fed him and he ate like a champ. So I thought he was sleeping...I think I feel asleep for a minute while I was holding him on my chest...and I looked down ant him...he pushed up on his arms, looked at me and gave me the biggest gummy gin ever! I started to laugh and kissed him all over! I held him for a few more mins. then it was back to bed. I was laughing so hard, I wanted to wake Jeff to tell him, but I was nice and let him sleep. I so love being a mom...and I mom to one is better then none!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Best Friends...

If we were to have God Parents thesewould be them!!! Katie and Patrick are such amazing friends. We go away with them every year. Patrick and Jeffrey are very close! Katie and I have known each other for most of our lives. Her dad was my PE teacher when we were little. Patrick and I have known each other since High School. They have been our rock through our TTC, IVF and adoption plans. Our consent hearing is next Tuesday. Only family will be there and of course Kate and Pat. In our religion we don't have god parents, so for them to be at our hearing is huge for us. We love you both so very much! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!

6 weeks old tomorrow...

Where has the time gone...I am not sure...all I know is that 6 weeks ago today, I was not a mother. I was a very stressed out wife, wondering when our son would be born. It is amazing what happens in just 6 weeks. I fall more in love with my son everyday. To think, there were times when I never thought this would happen...for me to be a mom.

It is true when they say one door closes another one opens. On a side note...

After a long 14 years of a who was like a sister to me...she is no longer. Things have been said, that have been misunderstood by one and not taken lightly by another. I have dealt with her telling me things that I should do, or things that I should want and I have put up with her selfishness for a long time. She would be the first to admit that she is selfish and that she may seem to be helping you out, but in turn it is only to benefit her. I can no longer deal with it and it is time to move on. Carma is a bitch...and what goes around comes around. Enough said. I pray everyday for her and that her heart opens for others and that her selfishness fades away as she grows older, so please pray for her that she finds what she is looking for. God knows it wasn't my friendship. We had good times but for the last few years, I think ever since our still born, when the compassion should have been there and it wasn't really took a toll on me. Our life the way it has played out was god's plan, not ours. I put way too much time into it and didn't get back what I was looking for. A half and half that works both ways. It is so funny, the only children that EVER spent the night at my house were hers. Not even our nephews...HUMMMMM interesting...please pray for her...pray hard.

I will be posting new pictures of him soon. My first Birth mother letter is going out this weekend. I am looking forward to writimg it.

Hugs to all...remember to pray!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our annual fall get away...

Every Year there is a group of us that goes away to the Finger Lakes. We have been doing this for almost 10 years. SOme have been there from the begining and some have just started to go with us. This year we went to October Fest and had a blast. We stayed at The Fox Inn and Bed and Breakfest. We arrived on Friday night, where we talked and caught up on everyones doings. Some played pool for a certain bedroom while others chatted about their famiilies. On Saturday we had a fabulous breakfest then hit the wineries. We went to 8 of the and had tastings at each along with a little food made by the wineries. Saturday night we went to dinner then headed back to the Inn to play games. I head the bed first...I figured I needed to get my sleep, since we would be headed home in the morning. On Sunday we had another fablous breakfest and packed the car and head down the street in Penn Yann for a little shopping trip! We had a great time. So here are some pictures from our get away. We were so happy to come home and see our little guy! He did great with Nana and she was so happy to be with him!

Jeff and Colette, Patrick and Katie, Elvin and Henry, Melissa and Scott and Julie and Mike...Great friends, Great times had by all!
Jeff, Henry and Patrick...waiting for the girls to come our from shopping...they look like 3 old men...what will the look like when they are 60???

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Can you stand it...he is sitting up already!!! No not really, I am only kidding. I walked into the family room the other night and I heard Jeff talking to him...and I saw him sitting there. SO I told him to take a picture and this is the half smile we got! I just love this kid!

I love the feedings at night when all he wants to do is snuggle! Thought you might enjoy this picture! Hugs

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Pictures...

After a long morning, he finally fell I am captive to my dining room! This was daddy is home, so he can sit here and watch him sleep!
This is the prince, sleeping while the social worker was here. This is one of my favorite outfits on him! I could just bite him!

New blog!!!

Hi all...I have decided since we have started a new begining it was time for a new blog. I figured it was time for a change and a new name for our blog! WE ARE NOW 3 is what we are! So welcome to my new blog and I hope you enjoy it! Please tell your friends who may have been lurking on my old blog that this is were we are. OK...truth time...I can't remember my user name or password for my old blog and I did think it was time for a change! Ta Ta