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Monday, April 12, 2010

Picture of the week!

If I could turn back the hands of time...I would! I so would in a heart beat! I can remember this day like it was was a day in June and it was warm outside of the water but when you were wet you were cold! He was sitting on his Papa's lap...I think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of him. He was 8 months I know after experiencing this age, it was like no is one of my most favorite ages...I really think I took for granted when people say "they grow up so fast" Man do they ever! Now I have an Octopus on my hands...I swear he has 8 hands...and they are grabbing everything! Maybe it is because I restricted him too much, or it is just his age...
He is talking so much! Today he said "turn on blue!" 3 words! What a delight! He has been signing for so long, it has become a habit for us all...I have to remind myself to tell him to use his words...sometimes I tell him what to say so he repeats it...but it is very exciting!
My brother is getting married on Friday. Finally...married at 40! Who would have thought! It is a blessing that is for sure! His bride to be has 2 children, a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 8 days older then Julian. So we are looking forward to having these little blessings around! I am glad for Julian, he will have cousin he is close to...not just in age, but in visiting as well.
I will post again this week...keep an eye out! I am trying my best to post! If you are reading this, please leave a message...I know who you are lurking out there...stop by and say hi!


wsweden said...

Hi Colette
Glad to see you blogging again.

What an adorable picture of Julian.

Life with my BOYS! said...

So good to see your updates on your blog! Your little guy is getting so big and it certainly sounds like you are enjoying every second of him!! I chuckle at your 8 hands comment, sometimes I wonder how anything stays in place at home with the guys around, but I LOVE them more than life!!

Congrats on your "new" you and good luck at the wedding this weekend!

Rachel's Mommy said...

Hi Colette! Beautiful picture of Julian! Love the description too. The pictures take me back to the "day" too which I am counting on when I do Rachel's baby book:) I am so far behind. Lori