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Saturday, September 19, 2009

New post...

1st day of school, right before we left...

When we got home...1st time mommy...silly girl!

At the peach Festival in Lewiston NY...he wasn't feeling great that can see it in his eyes..

Labor day... not the best picture but he is so cute in his RL shirt!

Last day of swimming at Nana and Papa's...we no longer need the arm floats WOO HOO!!

Hi all...Well since our last post, Julian has started Early Childhood...we don't call it daycare, because it really isn't daycare...he goes Monday's and Wednesdays from 9-12:30...he just loves it. We have him going to the Jewish Community Center...we have heard wonderful things about this program and all of it is true! He has a great teacher and we are so pleased with everything. We looked at 2 other places, but honestly I didn't want him going somewhere that they were just doing free play. I wanted a school enviroment. He is very bright...has known his letters and numbers for 6 months now, we are working on his speech with his teacher and it is making all the difference. He loves to play with the kids...he just loves kids all together. He is great for a playdate that is for hitting or anything like that...thank god! And you know what goes along with school is sickness! He had his first ear infection...not fun...but to be 25 months and not have a single antibiotic in him is pretty amazing...even the doctor mention that. But he is a champ!
I hope to post more know how it goes!

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Paula said...

Hi Colette,
Thanks for sending me the invite. Why'd you go private? just curious.
Julian is so grown up. My the time has flown. We've started Hannah and Bella in a playgroup two days a week. It has been great for them and us. Its nice to have a little time with my husband.