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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa...

Can you feel the love?
Ok, so I am a day late...but Happy Birthday Papa! It was a special day...yet kinda sad too! My brother is still in Iraq, it was my father's first birthday as a grandfather and Julian rolled over right in front of us! I think we all had tears in our eyes! So here are a bunch of photos from our weekend.

I love this photo!

He looks sad, but he wasn't.

This was taken after he rolled over and we wanted to see if he would roll over can see his rosey cheeks and some drull too!

This was Saturday night after dinner with our friend's Susan and Pete and their son, Devon...we went to Pizzeria Uno's...we had a great much so we are doing it once a month! The boys are 2 months apart...they are so cute together. boys pJeff and Pete had so much to talk about while Susan and I talked mother talk and the boys played.

When we came home our dear friends Dave and Peggy were across the street from our house, so they stopped by and Dave was playing with is really sweet!

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