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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great fun!

1 John 3:18 My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.

These pictures aren't great, but I wanted to post some of him. Please note the one sock on and one sock off. He does that in the exersaucer all the cracks me up!
So today, I decided to stay home with Julian. The wonderful thing about my job is I don't always have to go to work. Julian had been at my parents house on Monday, monday night and all day on do I miss him when he is not home. But I had a very busy day at work on Monday and Tuesday and my parents love to have him over night. He is now sleeping on his belly most of the time. His butt is up in the air...too cute! He is going from back to front all the time and looks like he is going to crawl anyday! How exciting! The weather has been so darn cold. We have still be going for our daily walks but I hate to put mittens on his hands in MAY!! We had warmer weather in April then May this year! Right now Julian is on the floor watching Sesame Street...he gets bored so he plays with his toys too. He said Nana now we are at mama, dada, baba and nana. Not bad! We are working on finger foods, but I will admit...the whole gagging thing freaks me out! He had a few little peices of Banana this morning. He loves his Yogurt...I think he could eat that all day! He is still using his Exersaucer...only now he is spinning in fast a she can and he thinks it is so funny!

We have busy weekends coming up...this weekend, I am taking off on Friday till Monday, on Sunday we have a party to go to. Our dear friends son is making his communion, so it will be so nice to see all of them and the kids. I think there will be around 20 kids there! So much fun! and Next weekend, his buddy Devin is turning one so we are going to that party too. Daddy is off all weekend too. I think we are going to do alot of gardening, getting the yard ready. Oh on Memorial Day, it is the Kenmore much fun!!! After, I am sure our friends will be over with all the kids. Man how times change.

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Paula said...

Wow, he getting quite the vocabulary
Hannah just loves corn. Its easy to pick up. Maybe Jules may like it too!