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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Friday, August 29, 2008


Today we had Julian Parker's 12 month doctor's visit. Like always...Nana and Nonni came along for the fun! Fun who said it was fun! LOL SO we had his height and weight always we make bets as to see who is right...once again...I AM THE WINNER! Drum roll please...32 inches long and 26lbs 12 ozs. He really gained in the height and only gained a pound in the weight...but still the Doctor said he is going to be tall! This we already know. So here is where he is at...

Length = in percentile 95
Weight = between percentile 75 and 90
Head Circumference = in percentile 75

He had his shots too...I felt so bad for him...I felt his entire body stiffen up when the shots went in...and why do I have to be the one that always holds him! Because I am the one who wants to hold him durning that time. So my sweet baby boy is growing nicely and he is healthy and happy. I am truely thankful for God for bringing this child to us.

I was so sad when he turned one...I cried the night before his birthday...Sad that his "baby" stage was gone and Sad that my sweet boy is growing up. He is walking so much no...I call him Frankie...he laughs and thinks his mommy is funny! He is now saying Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa and up...there are a few other words in there that I haven't figured out yet...he tries so hard to say is really cute to see his mind at work. We have made the family room into his play room...all his toys are in there, we have moved the coffe table to the side of the room and he has free range to go where ever he wants in that room. We have 2 gates up to keep him from the living room and works out just perfect.

Our wine weekend is fast approching...we look so forward to going away with our friends...this year he have a lodge that we rented...It is going to be fun! Mom will be here with Jules and the dogs.

Can you stand that the summer is almost over? I always looked forward to the end of August...I loved going to school...getting ready the night before...looking forward to seeing all your friends again...oh what fun! Well, that is it for today...I wish you many hugs and blessings this Labor Day weekend! Enjoy!!!

PS...Who will you be voting for in November??? My choice is clear...McCain and Palin...she is going to kick some serious butt!!! I bet the Dems are kicking themselves now...Clinton looks a whole lot better now doesn't she! LOL


Paula said...

Yea, those one year shots are rough. Wow, Julian is a big boy, he weighs 5 lbs more than Hannah. I guess thats expected for a boy. They sure do grow up fast don't they?

Julie said...

I'm with you....McCain and Palin all the way! :)