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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!! 2012...

Happy New Year! Who would have thought it would be 2012 already!? Crazy! But 2011 was a good one was sick.

We did lose our beloved dog Eugene...he died on December 20, 2011...he was almost 12 years old...we had him for just over 9 wonderful years. So Julian had to deal with death earlier then we would have like it...I think I am kinda glad it was with a pet then with a family he knows about Heaven...he prays for Eugene every night...he asks God to make him better so he comes is so sad. Our Eugene was our first baby...he was such a good, sweet old boy and will be missed by all!

I have been blessed to have my very best girlfriend back in my life. Melissa has been my BFF through high school and college...and a bit further...we lost track like friends do with lives changing happenings...and then God put her sister in my path, and the next thing you know...BAM it is like time never was almost 13 years...I thought of her everyday of those 13 years and she of me. So now our children are growning up together...hers are 7,5 and 3 so Julian is right in the really has been a blessing...Her sister has 2 children and her brother has 2 children so we have these giant is so wonderful seeing them all together. SO all 8 kids take swim lessons together and Maria's daughter and Julian are in school together and are little is just so sweet and I feel so blessed to have them all back in my life. Our families spent NYE together...dinner, games, tears, laughter and Jeff and Melissa and Maria's husbands just clicked from the begining...which is also wonderful!

So that is what we have been doing the last few months...I will try to keep posting on here...but honestly if you are on Facebook you are my friend on there and you already know the on goings of our sweet wonderful life! So if you don't see me on here...friend me on FB or leave a comment! Bye bye for now!

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