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Sunday, December 9, 2007

4 months old...WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!?

It seems like yesterday, we were bringing him home! I can't stand that he is growing up! We went to the doctors yesterday and the big weigh in. We have been placing bets to see how big he is...ok hold on to your hats...he is 17 lbs. 12 oz and 26 inches long! He is a big boy. The doctor is not concerned at all. He is well prepositioned and she is thirlled with his growth! She wants us to start feeding him cereal 3 times a day now. We have been doing cereal for a month now, but it seems like he really loves it. So I figured I would give him cereal 2 times a day until next week...just to ween in him and then we will go to 3. He was amazing after his shots. He really wasn't cranky or crying too much. He cried when the shots were going in only because we were holding his legs down. Not fun! We got in the car and he slept for a 30 min nap and then he was up all day...laughing and talking up a storm! I had canceled lunch plans with the girls (Sorry Jodi, Jen and Becky!) THinking he would not be feeling well and he was fine! SO now we know.

I was concerned that he really doesn't nap during the day, but she said that since he is getting a solid 12 hours at night that she really isn't concerned. That makes me feel better.

I leave tomorrow for Boston. Training for my new job. I will be gone until Thursday. I am really going to miss my boys. But I have to get it over with. I will be very busy with training so I won't be thinking about him too much...yeah right! Keep thinking that!

He is such a snuggle bug! He slept on me for 2 hours this morning...he has the sweetes fast when he sleeps!

Well I will post new pictures soon!

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Mob said...

I love your blog. I'm an adoptive mom too. Our daughter is 4 months old too! My doc told us to wait until she was 6 months before starting rice cereal, but she's a big girl (16 lbs) and I say mommie knows best for her baby. She's doing really well on it. If you want to check out my blog, send me an email (see my profile).