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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Monday, February 11, 2008


Could it get any colder??? I think it is 3 degrees out right now. I think Julian will be in a warm sleeper all day! Don't you loves those days...Jammies all day! Since I am working from home today (thank god) I too will be in my jammies! I am so thankful to have a home office set up here in our house. I am able to work and be with Julian at the same time. Life is grand!

Jeff and I think we see a tooth getting ready to pop through. Ouch...but I am sure it will be a relief for him! He is still eating fine. I thought he wouldn't but he is. And I think we have a thumb sucker here. I catch him every so often...sucking on his thumb. My brother was a thumb sucker...I never did. Maybe is just a phase because of his teeth. He stoped using his binki along time ago...and since he really is such a good baby, I have never though...Where is that binki when I needed it. Are you sick of me saying he is such a good baby? I am sorry if you has taken me along time to get here with my son...just having a son...that i feel the need in my heart to express how wonderful he is. But will he always be this good??? That is the big question!

Daddy is home from work tomorrow and it looks like snow is in th forecast, so I am not sure if I will be going to the office or working from home yet. Julian is spending the night at Nana and Papa's on Weds. night. I have a meeting on Thursday AM and then we are going out for lunch with Nonni...My grandmother for her birthday. Last year on her birthday we got a call for a was a little boy with a heart condition...I think of him often and wonder how he is doing. Do you ever think about the babies you were profiled for and either chose to move on or were not choosen? He is the one I think about most. I know that he is or would be ok with some surgery, and I am not sure if anyone in the agency did adopt him. Just thinking.

Have a wonderful day and if it is cold where you are bundle up!!! Hugs and so many blessings!


Mob said...

We had a situation similar to yours with a little premie. I do think of her.
When Hannah's teeth were coming in, sometimes at night before bed she would just scream. The baby tylenol really helped. Hopefully Julian will just sail through it.

Life with my BOYS! said...

Colette~yeah I can not find your real email, so I will answer on your blog!
We bought a Graco comfort sport. I really like it, we have one of them for Jake as well as a Britax, I actually like the Graco better. I think the kids sit further into them, the Britax is more "open." I pulled the pads off the on in the store and it has padding in all the same spots as the Britax. Plus I like that the buckles "click" when you enter them into the holder, the Britax does not do I am always pulling and tugging to make sure they are securely latched. I think Aidan uses the same car seat too. Good luck with your decision and stay WARM!

Life with my BOYS! said...

i have no idea where my first response had landed but...take 2..I can not find your email, so in response to your car seat question, we bought a Graco comfort sport. We already have one for Jake as well as a Britax, I like the Graco better. I think the kids fit further down into them and the buckles click when they fasten. The Britax does not always click so I am constantly pulling and yanking on the straps to make sure they are secure. I pulled the padding off the seat in the store and it has padding in the same areas as the Britax...just my 2 cents! GOod luck and keep warm!

stephanie garcia said...

I'm visiting from Pep's site ... your Julian is such a beautiful little boy! Congratulations!!

Jenny said...


Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. How cute is Julian, for pete's sake. lol. He is going to break the cute meter some day.