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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Personal Observation

It is obvious that this was an unhappy person who wanted to express their feeling so that many could see. However this same person would not call and talk to me personally. They know of the inconsistancies and half truths of much of what they wrote. As many of you know, it is very easy to" hit and run". Because it is easier then a face to face confrontation, where the other person has the opportunity to correct and defend themselves if needed. I have known this person for approx. 5 years and during that time we suffered 3 miscarriages one resulting in our still born son, which I delivered in my home. This person was there to help and I am forever greatful for that. I had always put her on my list for close friends. We had a mutual friend to whom I was much closer to. When she and I (mutual friend) went our separate was, this person took it upon her self to invole her self and take sides, which was totally unneccessary. The six week time period she spoke about, interestingly happened to be the first six weeks we had our new baby. For all new or recents mom you know what that 6 weeks is like...and I am sure you would have called your friend to see how she was doing with her first baby! (this person did no such thing! so it is obvious this person truely didn't care) My final thought is to the referance made to the "other tramps" who served at our annual holiday party...these girls were college students and more mature to handle what was needed for the serving guest alcohol, staying until the very end of the party when all of the guests left, clean up completely, which included dishes, napkins, garbage removal, and vacuming. The young ladies that assisted the year before, did a nice job, considering their age. It was after using these young helpers that we relized we need mature help. I did not feel that I was under contact to use the same girls year after year, which we have not. It was true that my parents helped out financially with the party, considering we were saving money for our adoption! I have always sent thank you cards, not only for gift received, but for other kind gestures.

It has never been my intention to use this blog as a forum. And it has never been my intention to hurt any of my friends children and if you know me you know this to be true. I am sorry if anyone who has read this blog has been subject to private matters between former friends. Thank you!

This is what I posted that before I deleted it due to her comments. Julian had his shots today and his 6 month well visit. What do all these people have in common...Bill O'Reilly,Jose Canseco, Randy Quaid, Seal,Tom Brady and Julian Parker??? Well They are all 6'4" tall! Well Julian isn't yet, but with the way he is growing he will be...that is what the doctor said today! Ok...drum roll....Julian is 28 inches long and 21lbs 12oz! Holy moly! I can't believe it...well my back does and so do my legs! THe Dr. is so happy with his development. So that is where we are. All I care about is that he is healthy and happy. And that he is. What is the most amazing thing would never know that he had them today...he is as happy as can be! He just amazes me everyday. I feel so blessed...Have a great weeked!

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Mob said...

I'm so sorry that that person hurt you. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything.