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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Friday, November 14, 2008

I have been a bad blogging friend to many!

Hi my blogging friends! I am sorry I have been MIA! You know how life gets in the way sometimes...well it has for sure! We have been very busy...the fall is almost over...bring on the snow! I can't want for Julian to play in it this year! He is going to be our little snowman! I have been working, things get busy and then they slow down. I had a great month in October...made goal and then some. I had an agreement with my area manager that if I hit a higher goal that he had set, he would pay for an over night for Jeff and I at Niagara on the Lake...and YES! I hit it! So we will be going there in January or February...haven't picked a date as of yet. You know that we love NOTL! Our favorite place to go other then the wineries.

Julian is growing leaps and bounds! He is now bigger then a 2 year old in one of his little play groups! And that child is not small! Holy Moly! We have a big boyon our hands! He is a gental giant! He is so cute...he grabs my face, opens his month and kisses me! But the face he makes is so is like he diving in for an apple at the apple bobbing or something like that! Too stinking funny! Yesterday he learned how to climb up on the couch! Lovely! And he can now step up the stairs with no help! I think to my self...sometimes I need help!!!

We started a new bible study all about raising a rock solid child. It was great! If you are interested in hearing more let me know, I took alot of notes!

I have been under alot of stress lately, so I really haven't been myself...I hate that. Normally I am so happy go lucky about everything...I need to get back to the goodness of the lord and have him help me through this time. Jeff has been wonderful and understanding, so that makes it easier for me...but still I am so stressed out!

Did anyone watch ER last night? I cried from the begining to the end! Cried like a baby! Maybe it is because it is that time of the month and I am late. But I am also very stressed so don't read anything into that comment! I know you are all thinking...pregnancy...and I am bite your tounge! LOL

Well, I am going to go...I will try to post more this week. I will need some serious prayers this week and I will posting about it on Monday! Have a great weekend!


Dana said...

HI-Yes, I watched ER and cried like a baby too! Yes, I would like to raise a rock solid child, like you do! I would be interested in any info! Jacob is doing well-potty trained for the most part already at 2 1/2! Yea!!! no more diapers or pullups except for night time and naps (sometimes!!).
Most of the time if he pees before his nap, he is dry! He is saying and doing so much, and he mimics everyone - he is soooo funny! Take care! Dana

OHN said...

We traveled through Niagra on the Lake a few years ago and thought it was BEAUTIFUL! I would love to go back for a couple of days and just wander.

My DVR for some reason didn't record the ER on Thurs..I am sooo bummed.

Parenting will get EVEN better as time goes on :)

Wondering when you will find us said...

I hear you my friend, I am so darn busy too I have been so behind on blogging.I always get emotional too around aunt flo time. I will be PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING :)