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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!! Another Ah Ha Moment...

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So last night I was reading this great book that a dear friend of mine told me about it is called Baby Wise. It is all about Feeding and Sleeping and how to have a happy baby. We I already have a happy baby...and he sleeps great but not a good I figured it can't hurt so lets read it. Well...HELLO People...I had my ah ha moment. When Julian naps he takes these 20-30 min. naps, we just thought he was a cat napper...well that is only because we start to play with him and "wake him up" So now...we are going to start a full blow routine...yes a routine! Since I am a working mother and my mother is a working Grandmother...this is what needs to be done and he will be better off with it. So today is the start of our new routine...I will keep you all posted!

***Attention all waiting or expecting moms...go and buy this book! It is a this first!!! It is a MUST!!!!

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